What a Spectacular Fall!

By on December 1, 2021

Most everyone around here says that this past fall has been the most spectacular, can’t say I disagree. Seems we always have good color, but this year the vibrancy seemed unique, leaves of all colors simply shimmered and glowed. Summer is not our favorite dog walking season. Which means I’ve been outside with the dogs enjoying the fall when I probably should have been inside working. The crisp fall air (and all that comes with hunting season) gets the dogs moving, noses in the air. After 6 yrs. I know what Maxine is gonna do at any moment, however this is my first fall with Zevon. So far he’s a good dog, we’re finding our ground.

Big news here at little magazine- Pam Cavender has stepped up to be our Account Executive of Advertising Sales. Pam has tons of experience throughout her career in publication ad sales, so we know you’ll like her. On a side note, Pam and her husband Tim, moonlight as Mrs. & Mr. Claus. Hey- what can I say, I like fun people!

Also, in news, we have the River Street Tavern as our cover story (thanks to Pam’s efforts), and I can’t be happier, since I owe one to Heather. When I first took over the mag in 2012, I would stop at Jilly’s for lunch while delivering magazines. Heather photographed a cover shot for me at a greatly reduced price, and I helped her by filling stockings with rocks as her backdrop socks were blowing in the wind, geez, ages ago! Anyway– the River Street Tavern, serving award winning burgers, local craft beers, signature cocktails, all with a cozy, friendly vibe should definitely be on your ‘A’ List.

Taking a step back in time this year with traditional Appalachian Holiday Candy recipes. Yes, I’ve left off those that we all remember as horrible, mostly hard cracked candies that tasted like cough syrup, bleh, sugar was expensive. I’ve never made Potato Candy so maybe give that a try. Those of you who choose taffy- may the force be with you. We won’t even mention Bourbon Balls, right Karen Graham? And yes, the Pralines are supposed be a little chewy.

What could be more fun than shopping with friends on a great, long weekend trip? Take a look at the Gift Guide and you’ll find secret places off the beaten path, well, ok, not really, but kinda, yeah. You’ll find U.S.A. made furniture and appliances (at great prices!) for your new cabin, amazing antique malls for gifts and decor, great lunch stops, breweries, knitting supplies, folk art, old-time hardware, collector’s coins, coffee– heck – maybe while you’re exploring you’ll even find something for yourself!

The February/March 2022 issue opens with Valentine’s Day, then the Fire & Ice Chili Cook-Off & Craft Beer Festival, followed by St. Patrick’s Day. Weddings, Spring Break, Easter Vacations, and we’re off and running smack into the spring. Outdoor enthusiasts stay tuned.

Appalachian Country Living Magazine would like to give a huge shout out to Lorrie Bryan Gaulden for getting our Buck Bald Brewing story shared with lifestylepublications.com and promoting our local businesses and publications. lifestylepubs.com