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By on June 1, 2015

Maxine Gone Fishing

Here comes summer. I almost missed spring with the exception of having my computer blown out by one of the many fierce lightening and rain thunderstorms that lashed about my tiny cabin. And this is why I’m late with this printing, I do apologize but there wasn’t much I could do but pull out my backups and start over. We call that mountain time around here. Meanwhile my computer is still down in Atlanta getting fitted for a new hard drive. OooooWeee.

As a kid, my dad would take us bushwacking through the underbrush to go fishing for perch and sunfish in a small, slow moving creek. Like most kids, my brother and I started out with a big, long stick made into a pole of sorts, some string and a hook. Every time we caught a fish we’d yank that pole and the fish would fly waaaay over our heads and land in some big prickly bush. Dad had a heck of a time beating the dog to the wriggling fish and then wrestling them out of the brush. But he did, and we took our catch home and cooked it up for dinner. Never went trout fishing though.

In 2010 the Georgia legislature passed a resolution recognizing Fannin County as the Trout Capital of Georgia. The resolution states, “Fannin County is home to 13 bodies of water that have been designated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources as trout waters, with numerous unnamed waters also comprising the richest, most diverse, productive trout fisheries. The waters of Fannin County are magnificent resources for trout fishing and other enjoyable aquatic past times, with over 550 miles of beautiful water that provides significant sporting and outdoor resources…”

Our local chapter of Trout Unlimited has made a significant and expert contribution to the content of this issue, providing two great articles and some beautiful photography. Thank you Ralph Artigliere for making the June/July issue swim.

Tim Richter, owner of the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant has shared two delicious trout recipes from his menu. There aren’t enough pages in the mag to print all of his trout recipes, so you’ll just have to go out there and try them yourself.

The beautiful cover painting is by local artist Tina Maslankowski. Tina has received many awards and accolades over her 20-year career as an artist. Lucky for us, she calls Fannin County home. River Dance was a commissioned piece and now resides in the home of Joe DiPietro.

The next issue is a biggie! The August September issue is filled with the most complete list of Fall festivals, fairs and events you’ll find in the southern Appalachians. And I promise to get it to you on time.

Maxine is not a water dog as far as I can tell, so she didn’t have much interest in this all-about-trout issue, although she does ask me for trout leftovers be added to her dinner. So yes, TROUT.