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By on May 30, 2019

The Timing Couldn’t be Better to Visit Old Toccoa Farm.

Probably the biggest news coming from Old Toccoa Farm is the completion of their 18-hole Bunker Hill Golf designed golf course. For the past few years, members have enjoyed the beautiful and challenging 9-holes that were completed, but by early summer this year, (targeting mid-July), members and guests will be playing the full 18-holes. If you haven’t played the course yet, you need to make a tee time asap. The amazing views from and the exceptional condition of this course, from the tightly mowed zoysia fairways to the pure bentgrass greens, is earning it favorable reviews from those who are playing it. In fact, many are touting it as one of the best they have ever played, with some going as far as ranking it one of the finest conditioned and fun courses to play in the southeast. And with another 9-holes ready to play soon, the news from this course could garner national attention in the coming year. But Old Toccoa Farm is much more than golf and the pace of new home construction is indicative of much more.

A Community Hitting its’ Stride

“Seeing more and more homes under construction and even more home designs being submitted by our property owners who want to start construction, tells me we are doing some things right,” says Peter Knutzen, who along with Kevin Hermetz are the two Managing Partners at Old Toccoa Farm. “We are creating a lot of value here and that clearly is appealing to those who have and are looking to build their home here. When you understand what people are looking for, and you give it to them at a fair price, I think that works for everyone,” says Knutzen.

There is much to be excited about at Old Toccoa Farm. Ten well designed custom homes have already been completed with the developer estimating that these homes are in a price range of between $550,000 and a little over $1.0 million.  There are also four new custom homes currently under construction and nearing completion.

“The exciting news for us on the real estate side, is that we have a healthy pace of new home construction and a growing pipeline of property owners meeting with us to discuss and plan their home as they get closer to building. We are hopeful that by the end of this year, or maybe by early spring next year, depending on our builder capacity, we will have 25-30 homes completed,” says Knutzen.

And if that’s not enough, the developer is working with a design-build group to create 10 one and two-bedroom cabins, with high-end finishes of stone and cedar shake, for “overnight” guests to stay in. They hope to get started on these smaller cabins by mid-summer. “This activity is exciting for all of us here at Old Toccoa Farm.

“We have said it from the beginning, while the property is beautiful and the golf course is amazing, our vision doesn’t start to become realized until we have people on property to share it with. And now, with 10,000 golf rounds expected in 2019, and closing in on 25-30 custom homes by spring of 2020, there is no doubt a special pulse is being created here at Old Toccoa Farm,” says Hermetz. “We have had healthy membership growth since opening the golf course in 2015, but we know there are many out there who have delayed joining as they have been waiting for us to complete the remaining 9-holes of golf and build one or two of our planned member facilities. We are now in a position to open the full 18-holes this summer and are finishing up plans to start construction of our pro shop bar/grille and river pavilion, so for those who have been watching our progress and have an interest in becoming a member, now would be the time to reach out to our Membership Director, as Initiation Fees will be increasing in June and July,” Hermetz added. 

Who is buying in Old Toccoa Farm?

Second homes, whether in the mountains or at the beach, have long
had a strong family appeal. But in recent years, at least here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia, the term second-home is being replaced by what the developers of Old Toccoa Farm are calling, the dual primary home.

 “It was only a few years ago that most buyers were looking for a true weekend only cabin. Now, the bulk of our buyers are looking for a well-designed mountain home, that feels like a mountain retreat, that will serve as their “dual primary home” for now, and then eventually, their full-time residence. What do we mean by dual primary home? Many of our homeowners are arriving at Old Toccoa Farm on a Thursday afternoon and staying through the weekend and departing on late Monday morning. They are at a time in their lives when they can create their own schedule and they prefer to stretch the weekend on the front and back end. Then, on Tuesday, when they get home and the new week begins, they immediately begin to plan what and who they will bring up to their mountain home on Thursday. Simply put, they are mentally and emotionally more connected to their Old Toccoa Farm home than they are to their current primary home,” says Knutzen. “Much of this can be attributed to our close proximity to core feeder markets in and around Atlanta.”

Unlike the beach, which would be defined as a true second home, Old Toccoa Farm property owners who live in the Atlanta area can be there in 90 minutes or less if they live in the northern suburbs. And that short drive also plays into the overall value proposition in that a shorter drive means more spontaneous visits, more frequent visits and that’s something that doesn’t happen when you have a home at the beach.

“For our Florida homeowners, the dynamic is very similar. What plays most in their decision to be at Old Toccoa Farm, and in Blue Ridge more frequently, is the food, entertainment and lifestyle enhancements that have revolutionized the charming downtown of Blue Ridge and also those being offered at Old Toccoa Farm. Why stay longer is no longer the question. The question now is why not? Ultimately, a growing segment of our buyers will eventually move here full-time, and they will no longer have a “second home” or a “dual primary home.” They will call Old Toccoa Farm home and use the worldwide travel hub of Atlanta to travel more domestically and internationally,” says Knutzen.

Old Toccoa Farm & Blue Ridge –
A Perfect Match!

It’s an exciting time to be in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia. Great shopping, dining, music, art and a full calendar of festivals, coupled with a world-class outdoor playground, where enthusiasts of all ages can access the renowned Appalachian Trail, Ocoee Whitewater Center and the crystal-clear waters of Lake Blue Ridge. Oh yeah, Fannin County is also the trout capital of Georgia.

“Our property owners place a high value on the fact that they can have the best of both worlds. Old Toccoa Farm is located only 5 short miles from town, so they can interact and be spontaneous with all that goes on in town, and 10 minutes later they are back enjoying the beautiful mountain views we have on property, the over 4,000 feet of Toccoa River frontage we have here and the peace of mind that comes with living in a gated and secure community. We are fortunate to be so conveniently located to Georgia’s favorite mountain town,” says Knutzen.

Historically, amenity communities were laser focused on golf, swim and tennis. Today, developments such as Old Toccoa Farm, are focused on the family. “Even though we are extremely excited to open all 18-holes of golf in July, we do not want to be known as a “golf only” community. In fact, what you will most likely hear in a couple of years when people talk of Old Toccoa Farm is, “oh yeah, they have world-class golf too,” says Hermetz.

Family Friendly is what it’s about. “Our buyers want walking trails, kayaking, fly fishing, culturally-rich programs, social activities and managed access to unique offerings off-property such as sporting clays, horseback riding, and boating on Lake Blue Ridge. Gathering with friends and family and having a menu of activities and programs available are equally important. For people to be able to afford the homes that are being built in Old Toccoa Farm, they usually have worked hard, and spent a lot of time in the office, so they place a higher value on time spent with family and friends. We will not spend $300 million on amenities here at Old Toccoa Farm, but we will continually look for ways to invest in lifestyle offerings that overtime, ensures we have a sustainable balance of amenities and activities that meet the needs of our property owners and members,” says Knutzen.

Old Toccoa Farm members have access to an incredible list of active and passive pursuits both on and off property. If you are an active pursuits enthusiast you will find world-class hiking trails (Appalachian/Benyton McKaye), plenty of challenging single-track mountain bike trails, exhilarating class 4 rafting at the nearby Olympic Whitewater Center, and a well-managed sporting clay course at nearby Noontootla Creek Farms. And of course, Old Toccoa Farm sits center-stage between over 1.5 million acres of the Chattahoochee and Cherokee National Forests. Sometimes, just saying that out load will give you goosebumps!

If you’re looking for less of an adrenaline rush, you don’t have to travel at all to experience adventure. The mountain lifestyle on the Farm provides access to over 420 acres that can be explored via our newly updated walking trails that meander through a “valley of ferns,” along an old Cherokee Indian trailhead, and sit gentle beside the banks of the beautiful Toccoa River. With over 4,360 feet of river frontage residents and members can easily enjoy into the cool rushing waters. Have a BBQ on the bank, sit on a rock with water flowing around you, float in a tube, kayak, canoe, or fly fish– or all of the above– the choice is all yours.

For those wanting to expand their creative horizons, the art-centric town of Blue Ridge is located a stone’s throw away from OTF. Spend time wandering through the many galleries and eccentric shops. Take advantage of creative writing, pottery, painting, photography, yoga and other creative classes at the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Center or experience world-class arts & craft, music and dance educational programs and events at the nearby John C. Campbell Folk School.

With Old Toccoa Farm as your base camp, the question you’ll ask yourself every morning is, “What do I want to do at camp today?”    ACLM

To learn more about the developer of Old Toccoa Farm or if you are interested in real estate, memebership or making a tee time to golf, please call the following numbers:

Developer – OTF Holdings, LLC – 404.277.4980
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Membership Information – 4706.946.4663
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Visit our website: oldtoccoafarm.com
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