Poole’s Bar-B-Q

By on August 1, 2016

Poole’s Bar-B-Q

Colonel Poole knows about Barbecue and Quite a few Other Things to Boot!

What started as an eight by twelve shack with no indoor seating in 1989, Poole’s Bar-B-Q, is now world famous for its great food, friendly service, the Taj-Mah-Hog, the Hog-Rock-Cafe, The Pig- Moby-il and the Pig Hill of Fame.

Yes the Pig Hill of Fame. Rumor has it that state authorities would not allow Colonel Poole to put a sign by the highway, so instead he just up and planted pigs on the steep hill behind his restaurant. First it was just names of friends and family, but now the Pig Hill of Fame has over 4,000 little piggies. Want your name on a pig? For just five bucks, they paint your name on a pig and plant it somewhere on the hill. Then you have to come back and try to find it!

With the tourist attraction aside, Poole’s Bar-B-Q is a serious All-American BBQ establishment serving delicious options for locals and visitors alike. At lunchtime you’ll find fire fighters, policemen and women, and many other local workers partaking in the great home style foods. By evening, be prepared to stand in line because it’s just THAT good. Poole’s offers up beef, pork and chicken barbecue plates with Colonel Poole’s in-house barbecue sauce. There are a plenty of side dishes to choose from: barbecue beans, creamy mac-n-cheese, crisp coleslaw, potato salad, Brunswick stew, freedom fries, and onion rings. Many say the Brunswick stew is some of the best they’ve ever had. If you’re hankering for Brisket- that’s served after 4pm. For the younger (or maybe just less hungry) crowd, Poole’s offers Junior plates. If you’re not in the mood for barbecue, Poole’s offers pork ribs, chicken strips, corn dogs and hot dogs.

Take some of Colonel Poole’s famous BBQ sauce home with you- Original or Sweet- or get both. And don’t forget to impress your friends with a Poole’s BBQ Pig Hill of Fame T-shirt.

Get ready to treat yourself to some great local Bar-B-Q!

Colonel Poole’s BAR-B-Q
Highway 515 at 164 Craig Street East Ellijay, GA 30540

Open Thursday thru Sunday
• Thursdays from 11am to 7pm
• Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 8pm
• Sunday from 11am to 7pm