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By on October 1, 2015

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Adding comfort and style to your home, lake house, vacation cabin or family weekend retreat with the perfect porch enclosures, patio furniture and organizational systems.

North Georgia is famous for its beautiful views, cool weather, and outstandingly lush mountain forests. No cabin in the region is complete without at least one deck or porch, and many have several porches, one for each floor. Sitting outside with a cold drink on a hot day, or a hot drink on a cold day, is as Appalachian as fried apple pie and moonshine.

But it can be a dirty business, this outdoor enjoyment.

Pollen season, that time in spring when it seems like every thing that grows out of the ground is conspiring to shed as much yellow dust as it can, is the bane of homeowners and vacationers everywhere. It covers everything, from cars to park benches to porch furniture. The pollen is a fine dust when dry, and a sludgy yellow gunk after a hard rain. It stains, is sticky and hard to remove when wet, and it’s also allergenic. Unless you fancy cleaning the furniture every time you want to have a cocktail on the porch, you have to find a way to keep the pollen out. Enclosing the porch is the obvious answer.

Enter Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort, a family-run company based in Jasper. Owner Julie Heinsman has come up with the perfect solution for those of us who want to enjoy our outdoor rooms without all the stress and hassle of keeping them clean: custom porch enclosures.

Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort’s products aren’t made of glass, like traditional glass room porch enclosures. They’re flexible and lightweight, manufactured to withstand speeding golf balls. The company originally created these clear, window-like vinyl panels specifically for homes built on golf courses—but of course, they can just as effectively protect a porch from storm-whipped leaves, sticks, and hail.

Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort - Outdoor Porch 2Eze-Breeze, as they’re called, filter UV light, keep out bugs and dirt, and offer floor-to-ceiling views, unlike traditional glass windows. And because they’re light, they’re easy to remove and clean—a crucial distinction in an area filled with retirees and vacationers. No more balancing precariously on ladders to scrub down the windows. Simply pop them out and clean them wherever it’s convenient.

“We really wanted to emphasize a lower-stress lifestyle,” says Heinsman. She should know—she left a corporate career as Vice-President of Marketing for PGT Industries, which manufactures Eze-Breeze products. Moving from Venice, Florida to Georgia to be closer to her family, she traded in conference rooms and city life for a bucolic existence on her own horse farm in Pickens County. “I noticed the pollen problem immediately and wondered what I could do about it.” In 2011, she contacted PGT about selling their panels in Appalachia, and Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort was born.

Heinsman’s company installs them and they can be custom fitted to just about any outdoor space. Unlike a typical glass room, her enclosed porches still feel like a porch—not heated or cooled, not walled in. The panel design preserves an open feel but can be closed to keep out unwanted rain, bugs, and of course, pollen. And it’s cheaper than glass.

“One thing about a porch is you have to clean it constantly. With our enclosures, it’s always clean and ready to use. You can relax with less stress, which is why it’s perfect for vacation cabins.” John Heinsman, Julie’s father, is onboard with the less-stress mantra. He goes with her on sales calls and does some of the painting for the installations. But his real contribution to the company is a bit unusual: he raises the chickens that lay the eggs they give to clients.
“It’s a country thing, you know? People like eggs and Dad loves those chickens,” Heinsman says with obvious pride. New customers are always glad to get farm-fresh eggs, with their creamy bright yellow yolks. “It sets us apart,” she chuckles.

OLIC also offers a plethora of storage and organization options for closets and garages. Continuing their stated goal of reducing clients’ daily stress and giving them access to a more relaxed lifestyle, the closet and garage systems are designed to work with any space, big or small, and come in a variety of fashionable colors and styles.

If enclosures and storage weren’t enough, the company has expanded into selling high quality outdoor furniture. Carrying everything from wicker to aluminum to wrought iron, OLIC’s showroom contains dining sets, fire pits, umbrellas, and a huge variety of seating and tables. The fabrics are fade-resistant and the materials used are designed to weather sun, wind, rain, snow, and of course, yellow North Georgia pollen.

Like OLIC’s enclosures and storage systems, the furniture can be customized to suit any space and color scheme imaginable. Customers can visit the Jasper showroom and create a made-to-order custom patio, sun room, or porch. Everything is tailored to each individual space, including the enclosures, paint colors, fabric patterns, and shelving systems. As Heinsman is careful to emphasize, the company strives to make clients feel better in their daily lives by reducing stress and clutter and empowering people to enjoy their favorite outdoor rooms whenever they wish.

In a region where it seems like everybody has a dank, unused deck or porch used more as an outdoor storage shed than a relaxing lounge, Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort is setting the standard for what customers can and should expect from their patio, deck, or sun room. Bringing living room luxuries outside, the company makes a point of selling only premium brands and materials that can withstand the fluctuating North Georgia seasons. Their enclosures open for ventilation or close to keep out the elements while letting in an abundance of natural light. Their furniture is both stylish and comfortable, designed to survive even the harshest weather, year after year. And their organization systems remove clutter from their customers’ daily lives, freeing them up to enjoy their home stress-free. Ease of use is the name of the game, and this north Georgia company is winning.

Outdoor Living and Indoor Comfort’s Showroom in Jasper is centrally located to serve all of North Georgia including Big Canoe, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Blue Ridge, Blairsville, Canton, Woodstock, Cumming, Marietta, Alpharetta, Milton and south to Atlanta.

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