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By on September 14, 2019

Opening All 18 Holes Labor Day Weekend

For the past few years, Old Toccoa Farm members, guests and public golfers have enjoyed the beautiful and challenging Bunker Hill designed 9-holes completed back in 2015. A few weeks from now, on Labor Day weekend, the developers of Old Toccoa Farm will unveil the highly anticipated back 9-holes enabling them to have all 18-holes of golf open for play. With a new routing and plenty of new challenges, golfers of all ages and skill sets should call to make a tee time asap. New golf holes with long range mountain views (#12 – a short par 3), and views of the mountain and the river (#13 – a 648-yard par 5), have all golfers talking for hours after they finish their round of golf. Those who have played the existing 9-holes and the fortunate few who have recently toured the new 9-holes, are once again touting it as one of the best they have ever seen, and they wouldn’t be surprised to see it ranked as on the best golf courses in the southeast.

The Time Has Come

The grassing is complete, and the cart paths are getting ready to be paved. The highly anticipated opening of the full 18-holes of golf at Old Toccoa Farm is scheduled for Labor Day weekend. Before we get into more, do yourself a favor and mark your calendars so you can be one of the first golfers to play this incredible course. The developers wanted us to inform everyone that public players are invited to reserve tee times for the Labor Day weekend starting on Wednesday, August 21. If you are interested in being one of the first public golfers to play the full 18-holes, call the Old Toccoa Farm golf shop at 706.946.4653 on August 21st to make your tee time.

For the past few years local and visiting golfers have agreed that Old Toccoa Farm is a special golf course. The turf conditions are exceptional and the overall design of the course is both challenging and enjoyable for both high and low handicap golfers. This was the plan from the beginning. Make this a fun course and one the golfers will not soon forget after playing it.

Labor Day will soon be upon us, but today we provide a sneak peek at what’s to come with a hole by hole overview written by master shaper, Jack Dredla of Bunker Hill Golf. The course was designed by lead design associates for Bunker Hill Golf, Dan Proctor and Dave Axland, but Jack Dredla was the artist who shaped the holes from raw dirt into what you see today and what you will see starting on Labor Day.

Hole #1

will be a good firm starting par 4 hole playing a little over 350 yards uphill with a generous fairway to get your round off to a good start. Players can play it safe or they can play the risk-reward shot over the left fairway bunker giving them the best shot into a large undulated green. Some really interesting pin placements are available on this green.

Hole #2

will be another par 4 with. Lot of left to right slope but with plenty of area for the ball to settle in for a good second. The second shot will be down-hill into a right to back left angled green. This green is surrounded by undulated approach areas and protected by deep bunkers.

From #2 players will drive over a newly constructed bridge made from a chassis from an old Ford flatbed truck. As players pass over the bridge they will drive through a beautiful wooded area on their way to hole #3.

Hole #3

better known as The Wall, is a par 4 that entices players to bomb away on their drive from right to left. The ball is playable from either the upper area or lower area of the fairway even when if you don’t hit a long drive. This short par 4 has a tricky green with many undulated areas moving the ball left to right and front to back.

Hole #4

is a short hole with a long-range view of the Rich Mountain Wilderness. You can play this hole smart by laying up with an iron off the tee and have a simple wedge into the green on your second shot for a birdie, or you can take a driver out and try to clear the bunker in the middle of the fairway some 250 yards off the tee and run your drive up onto the green. The option is always there, it just depends on the player and his or her skill set. Just right of the fairway sits a small pond so players really need to think through how best to approach the hazards in front of them.

Hole #5

is one of the most controversial holes on the course. Most find this hole to be extremely difficult and some have even named the hole “the beast;” because “you just can’t kill the beast.” It takes a good drive and a good second shot to play this hole successfully.

The shot into the green is narrow and short left isn’t going to benefit you at all, and being too long is not a good shot either. Dan Proctor said that he often designs a bogey hole when designing a golf course, and this is one of them.

Hole #6

is just a great looking golf hole. An incredible view of the river valley below, and old barn on the right side of the fairway and the Toccoa River behind the green. After you hit driver or a long iron off the tee, you will have a tough second shot into a green that runs away from you. Some members will putt into this green on their second shot rather than risk a chip that runs off the back of the green.

Hole #7

is a beautiful par 5 that runs along the river. A big drive is ideal to the middle of a generous fairway with multiple second shot options. For the big hitters this green is reachable in two. For most golfers the second shot can either be a three wood or a hybrid hit between two sets of fairway side bunkers to a nice wide landing area in front of the green. Pull your second shot left and you are in big trouble.

Hole #8

is a downhill par 3 with a mountain slope left of the green designed to be a backstop for golf shots. Play this hole often enough and you will find the spot on the backdrop to hit that will place your ball on the green every time. If you are fortunate enough to get your first shot to hold on to this green, you will still be challenged with some tough putts as this green has a lot of movement in it. A par here is a great score.

Hole #9

is a very short par 4 that defines the definition of risk and reward. The hole is barely over 300 yards but has all sorts of bunkers and waste areas that players must contend with. And if that wasn’t enough, players will be very cautious as they hit into a narrow postage stamp size green. A great hole to wrap up your first 9 holes.

Hole #10

is a very strong par 4 with a medium width fairway. The second shot is either over a greenside bunker that protects most pins on the right, or left center, but this shot is heading onto the long narrow portion of the green. The key will be to have a good drive which should provide all players with a simple shot into the green…if you have your distances right.

Hole #11

is one of the most unique holes on the course. This 320-yard, par 4 has a series of steep and deep bunkers along the right side and a big bowl of turf on the left side of the hole, which is the preferred shot. Players who hit long towards the bowl, and are a bit long, will find their ball on a steep hillside with a very steep uphill chip to the green. Players who decide to lay up just short of the bowl will have a great view of the green and the best chance at attacking the pin.

Hole #12

This visually stimulating par 3 will have golfers coming back for more, more and more. Short hole that offers multiple tee locations and angles into the green.

Hole #13

What a golf hole. A strong par 5 at 640 yards to the front of the green, will have golfers scratching their head while looking at the kayakers in the distance behind the green. The tee shot hits into a big fairway with lots of room on the left. All tee shots have two bunkers to contend with.

Second shots are downhill and regardless of being a big hitter or not, all players will enjoy watching the ball roll down this beautiful fairway. On the third shot, golfers must avoid a nasty set of bunkers on the left and a small pot bunker within the fairway just past the nasty bunkers. Flying over the pot bunker is the shot onto this larger green.

Hole #14

The strongest par 3 on the course and it has a double green shared with hole #16.

Hole #15

This is a very strong par 4 with a creek running across the rough just after the fairway ends at about the 340-yard mark. The fairway on this hole is quite narrow with tall rough on the left side and a deep bunker directly in the middle of the fairway at 250 yards. A player’s second shot must be laser straight to make par here.

Hole #16

is a 330-yard par 4 with some bunkering on the right and the left but overall this is a short hole that does not require a long drive. Just get it out there in the middle and the second shot will come into the very large double green shared with #14. The double green pays homage to St. Andrews and players just need to pause and look around at the scenery at this hole and they will think they are playing in Scotland.

Hole #17

is a strong par 4 that has no bunkers but requires a very strong drive to get up on the elevated fairway. A strong drive with a little left to right fade will be ideal. Players must carry the false front of the green to make on the putting surface. Need a good drive here or this will be a long hole.

Hole #18

is a great finishing hole. As a short par 5 this is a good chance for a birdie which always makes a nice ending to a fun day on the links. The second shot requires some thought. Players can go for the green with a good drive or they can lay up a little further back. The green runs 40 yards front to back so just imagine the pin placements that can be created here.

It’s an exciting time for the developers and members of Old Toccoa Farm and the greater community of Blue Ridge and Fannin County. This fall, for the first time ever, the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament will be played in Fannin County. Old Toccoa Farm will host two additional tournaments to benefit residents of Fannin County, the Habitat for Humanity Golf Tournament in September, and the Old Toccoa Farm Fall Classic Golf Tournament in November benefiting The Open Arms Home for Children.

The opening of the full 18-holes of golf will stand center stage for a short while, but it’s the pace of construction of well designed custom homes that will last a lifetime. Ten custom homes have been completed, ranging in price from $550,000 to over $1 million, two new custom homes are currently under construction, and ten additional custom homes are in design review and should break ground over the next several months. Truly a beautiful community in the making.

In addition to the custom homes being built, the developers have plans for several new spec homes starting in the coming weeks and months. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the developers of Old Toccoa Farm will begin constructing 11 small footprint cottages they plan to have completed and available for overnight guests by early spring. ACLM

To learn more about the developer of Old Toccoa Farm:
Developer – OTF Holdings, LLC – 404.277.4980
Real Estate Sales – 706.946.4663
Membership Information – 4706.946.4663Golf Tee Times – 706.946.4653
Visit their website: oldtoccoafarm.com

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