Mountain Education Charter High Schools

By on August 5, 2014

Mountain Education Charter High Schools

Mountain Education Charter High Schools is an academic, self-paced, individualized, evening high school that serves students who are seeking a non-traditional school environment and who desire a Georgia high school diploma. 

“Scaling the Peaks to Success” is more than a motto for students at Mountain Education Charter High Schools. Many of them are used to facing barriers that prevent them from earning a high school diploma in a traditional day high school. Some of those barriers include falling behind in their studies because of illness, family responsibilities, work schedules, or learning problems. Some students have quit high school in the past and decide to come back for their diploma instead of getting a GED. Others enroll to make up classes they have failed at their local high school. Still others prefer a self-paced, individualized curriculum. Some students want to be able start college sooner, so they enroll at MEC to move through their high school courses at their own pace. A traditional school size, schedule and pace make it difficult to overcome these types of barriers, thus making a successful future seem like a steep climb to an unattainable peak.

Mountain Education Charter High Schools offer an option that can make barriers to earning a Georgia High School Diploma more surmountable. Because students may attend any nights between Monday and Thursday from 4:00 until 9:30, they can set their own schedules to fit in with other responsibilities. They can attend as often and for as long as they like each evening. The curriculum is self-paced and mastery-based, so there is no failure at MECHS. If a student is having trouble mastering a concept and needs more individualized help than the teacher in the classroom can give, MEC will provide a tutor. Book and computer-based options are offered to address different learning styles.

Mountain Education Charter High SchoolsMEC has all the services traditional high schools offer such as accredited teachers, special education, ESOL, counselors, social workers, graduation coaches, student clubs, dual enrollment, and reviews for ECOT and Georgia HS Graduation Tests. Additionally, MEC has career specialists to help students make plans for after they graduate. Earning a high school diploma is no longer enough to gain access to a successful future. More than 60% of future jobs in Georgia will require some post-secondary education, so MEC is dedicated to helping its graduates be able to access those jobs. Students do career and college exploration, go on visits to college campuses, do job shadowing, visit workplaces in the area, and participate in events held at MEC such as Career and College Nights, Guest Speakers, Financial Aid Workshops, and other special programs. Before graduation all potential graduates are encouraged to apply for college and if they enroll, they receive a scholarship from MEC.

The Mentor Program at MEC offers another support system to help boost students over barriers. Every student at MEC is assigned a mentor and that person is truly “a caring adult” in the building. The mentor meets with the student weekly, helps the student set academic and educational goals, communicates with parents monthly and is available to help solve problems that present new or continued barriers.

MEC is a public, state-chartered high school that is SACS accredited. The mission of Mountain Education Charter High School is to provide students the opportunity to be successful learners and to earn a high school diploma. It has been in operation since 1993 and has graduated over 2,000 students in addition to helping local traditional schools improve their graduation rate by providing credit recovery for students who do not enroll full time with MEC.

Currently MEC has 11 sites in northeast Georgia: Union County, Fannin County, Gilmer, Pickens County, Forsyth County, Lumpkin County, Habersham County, White County, Stephens County, Rabun County, and Elbert County (Bowman site). It is open year-round, and students can graduate at any time whenever they satisfy the state requirements for high school diploma. Every May a formal graduation ceremony is held to honor all students who have graduated during that school year.

To enroll in the Mountain Education Charter High School full time, all that is needed is an official withdrawal form and a transcript from the previous high school. Information giving the address and phone number for each site is available on the website or anyone can call the central office at (706) 219-4664 for directions to the MEC site nearest to their location.

Mountain Education Charter High Schools will do “whatever it takes” to offer every student an opportunity to ”scale the peaks to success!” AC

For more information or to enroll in MECHS call 706. 219. 4664 or visit

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