Mimo’s Ice Cream and Twisted Treats

By on October 7, 2022

Where Everyone Leaves with a Smile

Nothing is better on a hot afternoon, or any time really, than delicious homemade ice cream. At Mimo’s Ice Cream & Twisted Treats, you surely won’t be disappointed since all of their ice cream is handmade right in the shop with a regional dairy mix and ingredients from local grocers. There are no big jugs of chemical flavorings lining their shelves, for example, Mimo’s Mint Chip boasts 102 hand-crushed red and white candy peppermint candies and Nestle’s mini chocolate chips. 
It wasn’t that long ago that Apryl Scayola and her husband decided that instead of waiting another twenty years for retirement, they would “just go for it.” They packed up their lives and moved straight into the heart of the Appalachian Mountains! With two of their adult daughters in tow, they moved to what Apryl describes as, “The most charming place in the world inhabited by the most caring, generous people we’ve ever met.” 

While wandering around Murphy’s quaint downtown one afternoon, they had a craving for ice cream but couldn’t find a shop within walking distance. Apryl’s daughter, RayLynn, mentioned to her mother that she always talked about opening up her own shop, but never actually did it. Taking that as a challenge, within weeks, Scayola seriously approached RayLynn and her younger sister, Kenley Grace, and asked them if they would join her in opening their own ice cream shop. 

The three women had no idea what they were doing,  but were determined to set about making the World’s Best Homemade Ice Cream. And June of 2021, Mimo’s Ice Cream & Twisted Treats became a reality.

After a year full of laughter, tears, sleepless nights, discovery, a TON of dairy mix and fresh ingredients, they are several months into year two and the community is thrilled! 

All of Mimo’s ice cream is homemade so they spend a lot of time developing recipes and perfecting each flavor. There’s not a single recipe that’s not unique to the shop in some way.    

The small shop has become the “must-see” spot in town with its unique decor and unforgettable, delicious ice cream flavors. 
For the kiddos, and kids at heart, they offer Mimo’s Mega Shakes– 24 ounces of any flavor shake piled high with mammoth amounts of goodies on top– guaranteed to give your little one a smile from ear to ear and the sugar rush of a lifetime! There’s something for adults too! Their alcohol-infused milkshakes and ice cream flavors are out of this world! 

Be on the lookout in early October for seasonal fall favorites, such as Pumpkin Spice and S’Mores. If you are not sure which flavor to try, a flight of six ice cream flavors may be the perfect choice- AND perfect for sharing!
Mimo’s Ice Cream & Twisted Treats
46 Valley River Avenue Suite D, Murphy, NC
(828) 390-4333

Fall/Winter Hours: Monday-Thursday: 4pm-8pm, Friday: 4pm-9pm, Saturday: 12pm-9pm, Sunday: 12pm-6pm.

Text and photos courtesy of Apryl Scayola