Local Greens Mean Appalachian Spring

By on April 2, 2021

Ramps, officially allium trioccum, are part of the lily family, which includes garlic, leeks, and onions. Slightly resembling scallions, they have a white bulb at the bottom, and below that are the roots. They are among the first greens available in spring. While locals keep their Ramp find locations top secret, you can usually find them at farmer’s markets


You can make ramp tarts, ramp grits, fried ramps, or ramps & eggs. They can be roasted sautéed, pickled, or puréed, put raw in salads or stir fried.


Morel mushrooms or morchella esculenta, are edible wild mushrooms found in the hardwood forests of the northern hemisphere; from arctic/subarctic north Americas to Siberia. Morels are one of the highly prized mushrooms, valued for their rarity, and savory flavor.

Morel mushrooms spring up in our local hardwood, lowland forests and many mushroom hunters head out to search for them, but of course they won’t tell you where they found them.

Ramp Pasta with Morel Ragout
Braised Chicken with Morel Cream Sauce
Simple Asparagus & Ramp Soup
Cheese Grits with Fiddleheads and Ramps in Brown Butter
Bloody Ramp with Pickled Ramp Garnish