Life After COVID!

By on April 2, 2021

Life After COVID. So, is LAC the new hash tag? The biggest news here is that I adopted another dog! I’d been looking for a male Australian Heeler since Billy Zoom passed away this fall. Or more accurately, I’ve wanted a herding dog since I got Xena, a tiny, Beagle Heeler cross puppy full of mange for $20 in the late ‘80s, a puppy who I adopted to herd my deaf and nearly blind pit bill, and that worked out great.

Xena passed in 2012, and since then I’ve had several other rescue dogs, including Maxine, who I adopted in 2013.Now there’s Zevon! A 6yr. old, Stumpy Tail Australian Cattle Dog, heartworm positive, who was an owner surrender to Gilmer County Animal Shelter.
For those that don’t already know me, I generally take in dogs that no one else would want. And after a couple of months of missing Billy, seemed like Maxine needed a new pal. It’s been a few weeks and Zevon is doing OK for a dog who probably spent his entire life outside. Maxine, at 11yrs. old, can’t really boss him around like she did with Billy. We’re in the process of negotiating all of our dog/dog/human relationships.
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Spring has officially sprung, and due to COVID, many festival, fairs and events have been cancelled or postponed until 2022, but there’s still plenty to do. So, check out our Spring and Summer Festivals and plan accordingly. Get ready for Arts in the Park, the Made In Georgia Festival, and the Dahlonega Wine and Live Jazz Festival!

Spring Brings Local Greens. Check out the recipes, featuring Ramps, Asparagus, Fiddle Heads and in season Morel mushrooms. Experience what the north Georgia mountain locals have been eating since the beginning of time.

Our next issue is June July which typically is chock-full summer activities, so we’ll see what
we get this year!