Letter from the Editor – October/November 2017

By on September 29, 2017

08. 21. 17 – Yes we saw the Total Eclipse, and what an event! My friend Mike rode his bike down from DC and we viewed the totality from my neighbor, Morgan’s yard. Morgan made viewing boxes; we had official NASA viewing glasses, 2 different welder’s lenses and even a viewing box attached to binoculars. Each of these viewing devices gave us a completely different type and color view. Wow. We all had expected the sky to go black as night, however we instead experienced a peculiar dark and eerie light, almost as if someone had turned down the contrast. I brought snacks that of course Morgan’s dogs ate while we were busy viewing. And that happened.

Right after the eclipse I spent 3 days in my hometown of Edgewood, MD to celebrate Mom’s life, this time with cousins and old friends. It was a big weekend with luncheons, a crab feast, dinner, and closing down the local dance venue with my brother, just like the old days. On Sunday- a boat ride out to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay where my Mom wanted some of her ashes spread. As kids we spent summer Sundays swimming, water skiing and picnicking there on the water in my Dad’s and Granddad’s boats. We cried, we laughed and we ate Maryland crab at every meal. It was happy-sad to revisit those childhood family memories. And that happened.

Then back to Georgia to put together this issue. I feel like I’ve barely taken a breath in several weeks. This issue is our big Apple Festival Issue and I give a hearty thanks to the ladies from the Ellijay Lions Club who made some tasty down-home apple recipes for us. They actually baked those desserts by oil lamplight since they had no power due to Tropical Storm Irma.

Satterwhite Log Homes shares a lovely story about celebrating the holidays with family in our beautiful mountain cabins. While you’re in town, stop by their model home located on Highway 515 between Ellijay and Blue Ridge. They’ll have local apples and cider for everyone.

Our next issue will highlight all of the wonderful things to do here over the Holidays. What better time to spend in the mountains when the leaves have fallen and the Blue Ridge mountain vistas seem to go on forever. The beautiful quiet and solitude is a wonder to behold

Right now though, there are plenty of festivals, fairs and events going on– you’ll find them all listed in the calendar section- so get on out there and have some fun, Maxine says, “that’s an order- woof!”