Letter from the Editor – June and July 2017

By on June 1, 2017

Been a rough couple of months here on my little mountain. The dogs and I lost two giant conifers due to high-wind storms, I swear they were tornadoes– I saw my plastic deck chairs were flying in circles. One pine landed on the roof and the other fell across the stairs down to the fire pit taking out the power line and the underground dog fence. Luckily for me, there was no damage to the roof and since I’m at the top of the mountain, I never lost power, although my downhill neighbors did. I’ve not have time to have the trees cut up or the dog fence repaired. Yikes. There’s always such a long “To Do List.”

In the middle of all that, my cool, creative, artist Mother passed away very unexpectedly during carotid artery surgery. She was only 78 and still full of crazy ideas and a wild lust for life. I was able to spend a nice evening with her before the surgery and am grateful for that small gift. If that wasn’t enough, I also had to put her dog Natalie down while Mom was in hospice. Wow. I have no words. Can you believe I even made this magazine happen? I can’t. Please forgive me any mistakes in this issue. I have no words for the pain I feel.

However, Mom would have said, “Dust yourself off and get your damn work done!” So here we go.

In the next few weeks kids get out of school, watersports businesses open for the season and tourists arrive to enjoy our tiny piece of paradise. The biggest event to take place this summer is the Solar Eclipse on August 21st and we happen to be exactly on the Path of Totality. Cherokee County, NC is directly under the fall line. In our cover story, you’ll find everything you need to know, local classes, events, great viewing spots and a pull out poster in the center spread with eclipse facts for those who are curious.

My Mountain Cabin Rentals offer the best deals and a central location– close to Blue Ridge, GA, Murphy, NC and oh so close to the Path of Totality. You’ll surely want to grab a reservation if you can. While you’re in the area you can also take a picnic hike to one of our wonderful waterfalls– the perfect remedy for a hot summer day.

Looking for a road trip? Girls’ Day Out features four great shops that make the drive worthwhile. Make a day of it– stop for lunch– enjoy the scenic drive and shopping at some of our coolest shops.

Fourth of July will be here before we know it. There’s a list of events for the 4th in our calendar section, plus some festive red, white and blue recipes that will make your event a true Independence Party. Farmers Markets will be in full swing- offering local produce and other handmade goods.

Coming up next is our August September Fall Festival Preview Issue with the most complete of fall festivals and fairs listing in the area.

So see y’all down the road a piece!