Letter from the Editor – August-September 2016

By on August 5, 2016

Letter from the Editor – August-September 2016

Whoa! Where did June and July go? Those two months zipped by so fast I can’t even remember what I did except get eaten alive by chiggers and mosquitoes. With no AC I spend a LOT of time outside. The trees, fields and underbrush are so lush here on my woody mountain that all sorts of biting critters abundantly thrive. Luckily for Maxine and Billy Zoom we’ve seen very few ticks and (cross your fingers) no fleas– although I’m sure that’s mostly due to modern veterinarian medicine.

Speaking of which- Billy Zoom was misdiagnosed and does not have terminal cancer, so that little bugger is probably gonna live to be 90 years old. I sure hadn’t planned on that. But now that I’ve had him a year I guess he’s mine for keeps- unless anyone wants a super-cute-snuggly-happy-friendly little guy with… extreme separation anxiety… just let me know!

My Mom is here visiting with her 12 yr. old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Nantahala, aka Natalie who used to swim our part of the Toccoa like a boss. These days she does a lot of sleeping and babysitting Billy. OMG- Mom (fiber artist/sculptor – www. peggysexton.com) is here because she has pieces in the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association Exhibit “3-D Off The Wall.” Somehow the nest and real robin’s egg got knocked off her “Boogle Birdhouse,” and as soon as it landed on the floor Maxine thought, “Hey! You serving up lunch?” and ate the egg. Oh my! The search for a replacement was on.

With Natalie babysitting Billy, Maxine got to go on our big cover photo shoot at Cartecay Vineyards. She ran, ran, ran. And supervised as the adjunct art director to Morgan Baumgartner & Alair Photography making the cover shoot happen.

In this issue we feature Cartecay Vineyards Crush Festival on Labor Day Weekend. Music, vendors, arts and lots of fun that you don’t wanna miss! Also in this issue is our annual Fall Festivals Guide- the best listing in the area! Then take a visit to Old Toccoa Farm, Blue Ridge’s only Golf & River Community, it truly is beautiful and a valued addition to the area.

So, what’s up for Fall? Our October/November issue, that’s what! Mountaintop Cabin Rentals will be our cover feature. The Georgia Apple Festival, Arts in the Park, Covered Bridge Estates and– those famous Apple Recipes! So much to do this Fall. Keep a lookout for Maxine, Billy and I out and about- we’d love to meet you!