The Latest Wedding Trends from Monte & Rosano

By on December 4, 2018

Dynamic Duo Gerard Monte and Hector Rosano
Bring Their Timeless Style to Big Canoe


If burlap is out– what’s in? Gerard Monte, Catering and Events Director at Big Canoe, leads us through some of the latest wedding trends.

Embrace your inner foodie for a culinary adventure that all your guests will love. Think outside the box– yes, stations and traditional buffets will always be in– however, estate tables and farm table dinning are ever popular! A less formal, more conversational seating and style is in. Whatever you choose, your guests will be happy.

Global food infusion and multicultural menus allow couples to celebrate family history or simply add a sense of adventure. Envision interactive stations– you can have such fun creating the menus! Imagine Persian or Mediterrian food– with roasted eggplant hummus, fresh pita bread and dolmade’s to name a few.

Edible favors– move over Jordan almonds! Lovely favors such as homemade jams, honey or sweet treats are always a memorable take-home gift!

Dessert Drama– we’re seeing more and more couples create memorable dessert tables. Think cookie tables, cupcake towers and even doughnut walls aside from the traditional 4-tiered cakes. We love to do dessert shots. Almost anything can go into a shot cup, from strawberry shortcake to chocolate mousse!

Mini bites for the cocktail hour– lite fair ensures your guests don’t fill up on appetizers. What’s the latest? We love doing mini grilled cheese points served with a shot glass of Hector’s Tomato Bisque soup. Tasting spoons filled with Hector’s Shrimp and Corn Salsa make it fun and easy! Remember to bring your chef out from the kitchen to greet your guests.

Late night show! After-hour snacks are quickly becoming the trend. Brides and grooms are replicating their favorite night spots where they met for the “first time” or ended up with friends after a night out! Snacks like truffle-salted French fries can reflect the couple’s favorite comfort foods and give them a chance to relive and share some of their unique moments with family and friends.

Gerard’s on-trend 2019 color notes:
Modern greens such as silvery sage with touches of ivory, cornflower and earth tones.
Touches of mustard yellows. Golden hues mixed with natural greenery and woodland forest tones.
Rich hues of burgundy and peach evoke sunset skies. Add touches of copper, taupe and again, woodland forest tones for that outdoor warmth and serenity. Another option– add a touch of teal for that gemstone tone.
Lilac and greenery are also on-trend. Colors such as lavender, mixed with silver dollar eucalyptus, ivory, aqua, brass and copper or even rose golds.
Taupe and beige– bland? Never! Elegant and timeless–YES! Here you can bring many colors and textures to the palette, think kraft paper as runners with touches of vintage lace. From rustic to formal, this color combination is timeless.

Let’s go outside….Drones are becoming one of the biggest videography trends you are going to see in 2019. Imagine getting married on the bluff of Big Canoe greens; not only will a drone capture the bride and groom, but the serenity of Lake Sconti and it’s beautiful magnification of the natural landscape.

Whatever the trends are for 2019, each bride will make her wedding her own. Whether she selects a metallic theme, or all lush greenery– a wedding at the Canoe Lodge beach, or a more formal setting– a bride’s trends are created to reflect what is going on at the moment and yet capture it forever. Whatever you do keep it simple, elegant and always have a budget! Here at Big Canoe, we can make your wedding dreams come true…I know that is a BIG statement, but with Hector and Gerard, the dynamic duo, we can bring your dreams to reality!

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