How to Save on Your North Georgia Wedding Without Compromising

By on February 10, 2015

how to save on your wedding

Something New for I Do in Ball Ground Shares Five Basic Tips to Help Managing Your North Georgia Wedding Budget

While standardized wedding budgets are helpful, it’s important to build a budget that works specifically for your vision. As each couple has a unique budget and dream wedding, each will make different decisions on which aspects of the wedding are worth splurging or saving on.

Here is a step-by-step guideline from, a money-saving wedding planning resource for budget-minded brides, on how to save on your wedding without compromising on what you really want

Step 1: Determine your budget. Add together how much your family is planning to contribute, how much you and your fiancé will be able to contribute, and any other source of money used to pay for your wedding. This is your maximum budget. Now deduct three to five percent as an emergency fund for any unexpected expenses that may pop up along the way.

Step 2: Eliminate what you don’t want or need. Find a generic wedding budget from a trusted source that includes a breakdown of expenses in vendor categories, such as flowers, catering, wedding cake, etc. If transportation wont be needed at your venue, eliminate this expense from your budget altogether.

Step 3: Dial up on what is most important to you. Using this updated list as a guideline, decide which categories are most important to you. If photography is more central to your wedding vision than flowers, raise your photography allowance and minimize your floral expenses. If you eliminated any expenses, which category are you then going to add this allotment to?

Step 4: Consider your guest list. The bigger your guest count, the more expensive your reception will be as venues often charge by number of attendees to cover the costs of tables, chairs, linens, etc. Your catering and cake will also grow more expensive with more guests. This means your guest count could be the determining factor between aspects such as a buffet style dinner or a seated dinner, or even standard white linens versus specialty tablescapes. If these types of details are important to you, consider limiting your guest count to allow for more money to use toward the higher quality options.

Step 5: Search for deals. is a wedding website that helps couples save money while planning their North Georgia wedding. Working closely with trusted wedding professionals to deliver cost-effective wedding services, our goal is to provide brides with the perfect venue and vendors for their special day – whatever their vision or budget. Deals circulate depending on vendors’ busy months or special or new offerings, so continue to check back in to see what’s new.

Something New for I Do is a marketing/PR company for vendors in the wedding industry while serving as a resource for brides looking to “brand” their wedding and make it their own.


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