Finding Summer in 2021

By on June 3, 2021

Summer 2021, who would’ve thought we’d be here after the Twilight Zone of last year? With mask mandates lifted in most places, we hope that everyone is healthy and vaccinated so we can rock the summer properly!

What’s the latest here at the cabin? Zevon has now completed his first round of heartworm treatment with the last two back-to-back shots coming in the next week. It’s really tough to keep him quiet during these treatments, because, he is of course, an ‘Excitable Boy.’ But, so far, so good. At 11years (?), Maxine is looking a little silver-haired around the edges and takes even more naps than I do. While she’s mostly accepted Zevon- she still can be a bit grumpy. I’m fairly certain that once Zevon can run and play, Maxine will come around. The other BIG news is that high-speed fiber is coming to my little mountain! Now I won’t have an excuse to drink beer at Buck Bald Brewing while uploading files to the printer. Speaking of printing- I want to give a SHOUT OUT to Mark Heisberger at Walsworth Press, the best customer service rep ever who has always had my back over these last (almost) 10 years. Thanks bro.

Featured in this issue is Old Toccoa Farm. If you’re looking for a golf community in the mountains with all of the amenities of modern living, this is the place for you. Peter Knutzen and friends are creating an incredible environment with exquisite mountain homes built for active lifestyles. Oh, and we can’t wait for The Farmhouse Tavern coming this fall!

Abernathy’s Complete Home Furnishings, family owned and operated, is celebrating over 12 decades of serving our community. One of the most valuable assets we have is our small town good feels, and Abernathy’s is squarely an important part of that culture.

The newest good vibe around here is Buck Bald Brewing in the Copper Basin. Locals, rafters, visitors, kids, babies, dogs, bikers, family generations and just about anyone you can think of come together here in happy harmony to enjoy the craft brews and the crazy camaraderie.

Next up will be the August September issue featuring the most complete list of Fall Festivals, Fairs and Happenings in the north Georgia mountains, that we all so sorely missed last year. Don’t pass up a chance to experience as many of these fun events as possible.

It’s a gorgeous day here, time for me to clock out and take the dogs for a hike. See y’all on the trail!