Editor’s Letter- Aug Sept 2019

By on September 14, 2019

Billy on Dog Bed

The dogs hate me. OK, maybe that’s an overstatement, but between the continued rain and my new work schedule, they aren’t getting the outdoor hiking attention or belly rubs they think they deserve. Well, me neither doggies, so there!

Last fall I took on another magazine client, the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA). I used to race with them many years ago on my vintage Ducati and Moto Guzzi, and as my European friends used to say, “I was in no danger of winning a race!” The AHRMA Mag is published 10 times a year, meaning that now I am creating 16 magazines per year. No wonder the dogs are unhappy. While I enjoy the income boost, I too am wondering if it’s worth the extra work hours. Most folks of my age started working in our teens, I turn 62 this September, and if anyone is counting, that’s 49 years of working. That’s enough to make anyone tired, sheesh.

Maxine on Couch

Meanwhile, here we are in August with the summer more than half gone, how did that happen so fast? It’s been a good one so far with lovely cooler temps at night up here in the mountains and only a few days with heavy humidity. Locals and visitors have been taking advantage of the dam releases and getting their float on down the Toccoa River, one of the great pleasures of living here.

The best news for this summer has been the revitalization of the Copper Basin. Spanning two towns and two states, McCaysville, GA and Copperhill, TN– my local hood is rockin’ it big time! Maxine, Billy and I have been enjoying the new local scene without the 15-mile drive to Blue Ridge.

Copperhill Brewery is celebrating its first full year of business by opening a new brewing facility and tasting room, while their Ocoee Street location stays strong. Offering craft brews, darts, air hockey, live music, trivia Thursdays and for a rainy day– board games galore, you won’t find a better place to hang out.

Right down the street is the newest and hippest gallery around, Fat Raccoon. Oh yeah, we love that name. Here you’ll find cool gifts of pottery, jewelry, sculpture, ornaments, paintings, and who knows what else. Stop on in and meet owner Lori Montgomery who will give you the DL on all of her local artists. Trust me, you won’t leave without something in your shopping bag!

Saving the best for last– Old Toccoa Farm. I’m not even a golfer and I want to join this spectacular community. Just take a look at the beautiful scenery surrounding the environmentally friendly course and you’ll be hooked. Seriously, call them now to take a tour, and don’t miss out on becoming a part of Old Toccoa Farm.

Once again you’ll find the most complete listing of Fall Festivals, Fairs and Events, so take advantage of as many of these as you can possibly fit into your schedule. Get on up off the couch and have some good old fashioned mountain time fun.

See y’all out and about!