Dang This Darned Virus!

By on February 2, 2022

Dang it! Just when we’re ready to get out from under this virus, here comes Omicron. Even with my 3x vaccines and flu shot I’m not taking the risk, I have too many friends that I would never want to infect. For me that means back in lockdown, N95+ mask everywhere I go, which is once again limited to grocery store, bank and pet food store. Well, maybe a quick stop in to Buck Bald Brewery for a growler refill, pick up eggs from Courtney, and kombucha from Tina of Tina’s Tie Dye, both saved for me in the B3 cooler. Thanks- you awesome gurlz!

Maxine has decided that in her grumpy old age she wants to be an only dog. And guess what that means? I get to be the other dog. Luckily for me we’re both getting up there in years so my dog duties are not as strenuous as they were when I first adopted her nine years ago. Wow. I’ll be turning 65 this year, Maxine in dog years is, according to the AKC , 75 in human years. She does like to sleep in these days, as do I, especially with the colder morning temps up here in the mountains. She’s almost become cuddly- almost.

This issue we’re going back to backyard country basics with one of my favorite articles from artist Ande Cook. I’ve run this article before, yet in the cold of winter her- light, bright, and brilliant, color-saturated artwork- always inspires. Especially love those ‘possums!

AC Living Mag’s Design Editor, Cindy Trimble has new digs and the place looks like a winner. Again, we share her insightful recommendations on hiring contractors. With the construction boom exploding in north Georgia, I thought repeating this article would help folks who are thinking about building their new mountain home.

In the April May issue we’ll check in with Old Toccoa Farm (OTF) to see how their clubhouse is progressing and find out what else is new. You can bet that there’s lots happening since they made the LINKS Magazine’s list “10 Must-Visit Public Golf Destinations for 2022.” If you haven’t been to OTF you really should go, the grounds/course are stunningly beautiful.

We’ll also be taking a visit to Engelheim Vineyards in Ellijay, GA. The Engel family has created an outstanding venue featuring award winning wines, gorgeous mountain views, and a newly built event center.

That wraps it up for me, see y’all next time.
Stay safe and healthy!