Bunking Up and Down

By on June 1, 2018

Style & Design Editor Cindy Trimble of StudioTrimble Offers Ideas on How Custom Designed Bunk Beds Can Make Cabin Life Easier

Bunk beds in homes, especially 2nd or rental homes have been popular for years to help create more sleeping areas in beds (not on pull out sofas) for guests. We have helped clients maximize sleeping arrangements and storage in so many different situations and conditions. There are advantages and disadvantages with bunk beds that everyone who has slept in one or made one up knows about. Bunk beds can add interest to a room, can be very artistic – even a focal point. And when well designed, they can be very inviting for guests.

However, there can be challenges that have to be addressed. They can be difficult to make up, especially on the top bunk. Many bunk beds, especially the freestanding, store bought ones do not have enough head room between the top and bottom bunks, so adults or taller people will bump their heads on the bottom of the upper bunk when they sit up. Also, filling rooms with bunk beds does not leave a lot of extra wall space for storage furniture, which is desperately needed when a room is going to hold a larger number of guests. And the difficulty to climb to the top bunk in some bunks have made that aspect dangerous for adults because ladders and steep steps can be difficult and dangerous to use, especially in the dark.

We have custom designed many bunk beds over the past few years to help make living with bunks easier and to maximize sleeping capacities and storage. Bunk beds can be designed to fit in very small spaces. Our custom designs have safer and easier to navigate ladders (or steps) making them easier to climb and much safer. We also allow for more space between the bunks, so adults can sit up on the lower bunk and not hit their head. Incorporating larger size beds, such as double or queen size, many times on the lower bunk, allows larger people, couples or adults more comfort than the typical twin bed size.

Bunk beds can be detailed in so many ways. They can be totally open, they can be built into a niche making them more private. We have added curtains in many designs to maximize privacy. Every inch in and around the bunk beds are designed for storage, whether a niche inside the bunk with a light and electrical outlet for phone charging and to place a water bottle.

To help simplify the making up dilemma, some clients prefer to use sleeping bags on the upper bed. There are several companies making sheet sleeves, that are like sleeping bags specifically for bunks. These do help simplify making up the top bunks.
Overall, we love creatively designed bunk beds that make higher sleeping capacities in a single room more livable and comfortable. They can be very comfortable, easy to access plus have some privacy with the addition of the right details.

Let Studio Trimble help you design your next custom bunk bed arrangement.

Cindy Trimble, ASID is owner of StudioTrimble, Inc. based in Blue Ridge. She is NCIDQ certified and a Georgia Registered Interior Designer.