Apple [and whatever] Grilled Cheese

By on October 17, 2013

Apple Curry Soup and Grilled Cheese

There really is no way to go wrong with this simple twist on a fall favorite, the grilled cheese. Use any bread, any cheese and any add-ins. If you’re winging it on your own for lunch, use what’s on hand. If you’re making a special meal, dress it up with your favorites. Here, I’ve made two variations, both served with a cup of apple curry soup.

Ingredients for One Basic Sandwich
2 Slices of rustic bread
2 oz sliced or shredded cheese
¼ – ½ apple thinly sliced
2 tbps butter

Sauté apple slices in butter until slightly soft, remove from pan. Place bread in same buttered pan and layer with cheese and apple slices. Grill sandwiches until lightly crisped and golden brown on each side. Serve immediately.

Variation No.1
Pumpernickel bread
Extra sharp cheddar cheese
Granny Smith apple
BBQ Onion = slice ¼ sweet onion per sandwich or per taste. Caramelize in butter then ad a dash of your favorite BBQ sauce. Stir lightly until BBQ sauce is absorbed.

Variation No. 2
Sourdough bread
Swiss/ Emmental cheese
McIntosh apple
Baby spinach