Mountain Living with Satterwhite Log Homes

By on August 5, 2014

Mountain Living with Satterwhite Log Homes

Live, Love, Play – North Georgia Mountain Living – Along the Road Less Traveled

In the still air of morning, a gentle rain falls on a hundred million leaves. The soft patter of raindrops on the forest canopy resounds to fill the silent spaces beneath the trees.

Our little secret: The road less traveled is in the mountains of North Georgia. Here, deer watch people more than people watch deer. Like silent shadows, their nearly invisible forms freeze in full arrest with every approach. You see them long after they see you, their ears erect and their eyes alert.

Water courses, rushing everywhere, collecting into a labyrinth of almost trackless creeks and rivers winding their way through the land beneath the Blue Ridge. Clouds cling in the crevasses and above creeks and bodies of water, lending an air of mystery and wonder, and giving birth to the name “Great Smokies.”

Overhead, or sometimes flying low over rivers and streams, waterfowl are on patrol today same as millennia past, cacophonies of quacking ducks and honking geese.

Remarkably, the mountains are both inhabited and empty. What some see as a recreational respite from the city, others consider a sanctuary for the soul. The peace of Appalachia feeds the human spirit. People come here, people live here for many reasons. A primeval cradle of nature, the mountains make their mark on men more than men make their mark on the mountains. In the deep foliage of Appalachia, people, like deer, are almost invisible.

Satterwhite Log Homes Celebrating 40 YearsLove of the mountains is shared by all: children, youth, young adults, and mature generations. Surrounded by nature and the great outdoors, the possibilities are endless. Many people build a cabin in the mountains with thoughts of hosting friends and family. That’s true, but in addition, most are quick to learn how easy it is to form new friendships with like-minded neighbors in the mountains. Mountain living can be as solitary or as social as you like.

People who love log homes are a self-selecting affinity group. Living in intimate contact with nature, appreciation of beautiful surroundings, seekers of peace and quiet… all these things are markers of kindred spirits.

Reflection on idealism of youth, magnified by vision born of age, maturity, and experience. A place to nurture your young, reaching across generations.To the uninitiated, all log homes might seem the same. But like the great genres of music, this category of homes is durable and diverse. With roots deep in Appalachia, log homes have spread far and wide into almost every rural setting in the country.

Today, you will find log homes from sea to shining sea, across the fruited plains. From coastal wetlands to inland prairies; high in the mountains and down in the valleys; amid forests and presiding over the plains — log homes have been adapted into almost every setting outside urban centers and suburbia.

But even within cities, there is no escaping the influence and attraction of rustic wood elements, which are often found in both commercial and residential settings. Massive wooden beams and tree stock, architectural accents, rustic trim and design flourishes – all these things are more popular now than ever. Wood, like no other material, adds warmth and security to human environments.

Wood is the “comfort food” of home and commercial spaces. While log homes may be exceptional anywhere, log homes and cabins rule in Appalachia. Anything less would feel out of place and unnatural.

Even in the Georgia mountains, there is a surprising variety. What was once thought of as a simple mountain cabin has become a varied category, everything from basic classic cabins to expansive log homes and lodges. Plans are optimized for site dimensions, for building on steep locations, for intended purpose (occasional use, cabin rental pool, entertaining, primary residence), and to optimize views.

Satterwhite Log Homes Celebrating 40 YearsThe trend is towards new construction. “The market for distressed and foreclosed properties has been cleaned up,” according to Don Estes of Satterwhite Log Homes in Ellijay, Georgia. “We’re seeing a return to normal levels of new home construction.”

Satterwhite Log Homes has been a vigorous force in North Georgia log home construction. The company is based in Texas and sells nationwide. This experience brings a variety of materials and decorating options never before seen in the Appalachian log home market. “Our house logs come from the Rocky Mountains,” according to Estes. “They are killed by natural causes and are air dried over time by nature in an arid climate. You can’t duplicate the properties and performance using accelerated methods like kiln drying.” In addition to introducing Dead Standing Timber house logs to markets in the Eastern United States, Satterwhite also supplies a wealth of materials and specialty woods that have never been common in the eastern states. This includes wood species like aspen, spruce, western red cedar, blue stain ponderosa pine, and more. “Not only do house logs made from dead standing Engel-mann Spruce make for superior log wall construction, but the range of specialty woods we offer brings a level of decorating options to log homes that is unheard of,” adds Estes.

Log homes have always had tremendous masculine appeal. Now, with a vastly expanded palette of designer woods along with mixed media design possibilities including rock, stucco, textured drywall, colorful painted surfaces and more, endless attractive possibilities are capturing the imagination of feminine design sensibilities.

“Everything looks good with wood,” says Estes. There’s no better proof of this assertion than The Mountain Laurel, the model home and offices of Satterwhite Log Homes located just north of Ellijay, in the mountains of North Georgia. The Satterwhite office is a showcase of materials and tasteful design ideas.

“People from all over the country come to Ellijay to tour our model home. Many of the folks who sign our guest book leave notes that they have been dreaming of a log home for years, and have seen just about everything. Time after time, people remark that The Mountain Laurel is the finest model home in the log home industry.”

Satterwhite Log Homes Celebrating 40 YearsSatterwhite employees such as Don Estes, Ron Lomonaco, and Lisa Salman in the Georgia office take a great deal of pride in their products and in the model home in Ellijay, but they are quick to point out the superb craftsmanship of local builders and tradesmen. Experience runs deep, not only with log materials and construction, but also with design and helping customers achieve their dreams as efficiently and economically as possible.

In some ways, a new generation of log homes, using modern plans and updated materials, represents both the birthplace and the destiny of the American Dream.  AC

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