The Tate House

By on February 10, 2015

The Tate House

The Tate House is a beautifully historic estate wedding venue

Nicknamed the Pink Palace because of its rare Etowah Pink Marble, the Tate House is a beautifully historic estate wedding venue. An excellent example of the second renaissance revival style, the mansion is 19,000 square feet with an interior that is just as beautiful as the exterior. The special event venue has become one of the most photographed homes and was recently named one of the top “must see” places in Georgia by Georgia Magazine.

With mountain views, the grandeur of the estate, perfectly manicured grounds, and exquisite furniture and décor, the ambiance the Tate House offers is classic and royal. Despite the vastness of the venue, the entire mansion and gardens are yours for your grand event – there will never be more than one event at the same time. The Tate House can accommodate up to 200 guests.

A new addition to the Tate House is the enclosed terrace area, which is perfect for smaller functions and rainy days. Because part of the charm of outdoor ceremonies at the Tate House are the centuries old gardens, the venue wanted to ensure that couples could still take advantage of the venue’s beauty while avoiding inclement weather. The marble patio is now enclosed with massive glass walls, which protect the wedding ceremony from the elements while placing the entire party in the heart of the garden.


The Tate House
61 Marble Mansion Lane
Tate, GA 30177