The Mason Bar

By on October 7, 2022

Live Music, Delicious Food, and Tons of Community Spirit

From the start, the Scayolas wanted to create a live music venue that would give musicians a place to gather and do what they love. Providing a space for local artists, as well as artists from Atlanta, Chattanooga, and north Florida, The Mason Bar hosts many different genres of music throughout the week so there is something for everyone! Live music and great food? Yes!

To be honest, no one in the Scayola family had very much commercial kitchen experience when The Mason Bar opened last January.

Thank goodness they did not let that stop them! Determined to serve delicious, memorable food, Daniel, Apryl, and their daughter RayLynn researched recipe ideas, compiled ingredient lists, and spent hours in the kitchen taste testing and tweaking sandwich and salad recipes. They even spent Christmas Day last year finalizing their first menu- just two weeks before they opened! Then as an added measure, they invited their friends and family to critique their favorites. After many hours and many trials, the Scayolas had a small, but very delicious menu ready for opening day.  That original menu was very well received and has grown to contain many new local favorites!    

A few friends have even shared their own personal recipes that are now staples on the menu. Shirley’s Buffalo Dip is so popular and in such high demand that The Mason Bar now serves it three ways: with homemade chips, piled high on a jumbo baked potato with ranch dressing and potato chip crumbles, or on a breaded chicken breast sandwich with tomato slices, thank you, Shirley! 

The Mason Bar also has a special selection of signature cocktails and dessert martinis designed to complement their full bar. Try a Cotton Candy Margarita or a S’More’s Martini. Prefer something more robust? How about a delicious Bloody Mary, served with a seasoned salt rim, pickle, and a BBQ pulled pork slider?

The Mason Bar offers a large selection of beer, including craft, ciders, sours, local, regional, domestic, and import beers. They will
be expanding their wine selection to include wine tastings this fall. Be on the lookout for The Twelve Wines of Christmas selection that is sure to be a local favorite. 

Being fairly new to Murphy, the family has been overwhelmed by the support that they have received from the community and are looking forward to the future. 

So, come on in to say, “Hello,” relax, and enjoy lunch on their shaded patio. Or sit center stage, grab a cocktail, and get ready to hear some awesome live music! 
The Mason Bar
46 Valley River Ave, Murphy, NC
(828) 390-4333
Find the music schedule on their FB Page:

Monday: 11am– 10pm, Tuesday: 11am– 3pm,
Wednesday: 11am– 10pm, Thursday: 11am–10pm,
Friday & Saturday: 11am– 11pm, Sunday: 11am– 7pm.

Text and photos courtesy of Apryl Scayola