Suzie Q’s Boutique in Jasper, GA

By on February 2, 2018

Providing Comfortable and Fashionable Items for Those Battling Cancer

Suzie Q’s Boutique, is on a mission to ensure that women battling cancer have the opportunity to feel fashionable, beautiful and comfortable. Located on Jasper’s North Main Street, Suzie Q’s Boutique offers a wide variety of pampering items, such as soy candles, eye pillows, holistic bath essentials, a variety of clothing and more. However, the boutique’s most unique and special item, pampers ladies who have lost their hair to chemotherapy.

When the boutique’s owner, Suzie Perry, found herself battling Stage-2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer five years ago, she lost her hair to chemotherapy. “I had to undergo Chemotherapy which caused me to lose all my hair. I had wigs professionally made but my scalp was just too sensitive to wear them for extended periods of time so I wanted something soft and comfortable.” That’s when Suzie took matters into her owns hands and began sewing her own turbans. “On the days that I didn’t feel so well and just wanted to lounge, I wore the soft cotton jersey, 3 seam turban and on other days when I wanted to shop or dine out, I would wear an elegant lace head wrap.” Suzie’s oncologist was impressed with her creativity and style and urged her to market her turbans to other women who are looking for a fashionable, comfortable alternative to itchy wigs and beanies. Wasting no time, Suzie began consigning her existing turbans, but as the need grew, she was inspired to open her own shop in her beloved hometown of Jasper.

Since August of 2017, Suzie has been on a mission to make sure everyone who shops at Suzie Q’s Boutique feels beautiful, healthy, and welcomed. Inspired by her own personal journey, Suzie has recognized a need in her community among women battling cancer, and the turbans for purchase in her boutique are making many of those women feel comfortable and beautiful as they embark on their own journeys.

SuzieQ’s Boutique
259 North Main Street
Jasper, GA 30143

Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10am to 1pm.