It’s Summer Time– Make Your Living Easy

By on June 1, 2018

Take advantage of the warm weather and shop these four local businesses for your home and cabin upgrades.

Abernathy’s Complete Home Furnishings

There’s no better way to upgrade an outdoor space than with quality outdoor furniture. After all, you and your guests need a comfortable place to sit while sipping that iced tea. For over a century, Abernathy’s furniture has supplied its customers with caring service and quality products. This family-owned and operated business has been going strong for 128 years! Store manager Dustin Queen is passionate about the quality products supplied by his family’s business and is proud of Abernathy’s reputation for exceptional customer service. For furnishing upgrades this summer, Abernathy’s is the local furniture store you can trust.
Whether you are interested in a modern feel for your newly furnished patio or you’d like to enjoy the traditional southern charm of a rocking chair, Abernathy’s knowledgeable associates will answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to make the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Taking careful time to consider your expectations, needs and space, Abernathy’s associates will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. Abernathy’s is supported by a non-commission sales team, which solidifies the promise of quality, honest customer service.

For a traditional and charming southern look, the Hickory Bentwood Rocker will add an absolutely gorgeous look to your outdoor living space. While the Hickory Bentwood Rocker is undoubtedly beautiful, Abernathy’s associates are knowledgeable and honest about the rocker’s ability to withstand the seasonal elements overtime. Fortunately, the Hickory Bentwood Rocker may still be a great option for many shoppers, depending on your individual wants and needs. Because of its timeless design and gorgeous shape, the Bentwood also makes a great addition to indoor living spaces. Its stunning design and impeccable craftsmanship is practically a must-have piece for every southern home or porch.

Shoppers seeking a more modern and durable addition to their outdoor space will love Abernathy’s selection of composite pieces. Made of poly lumber, composite pieces are designed to withstand direct contact with all types of weather, making them extremely tough and practical for outdoor spaces. The poly lumber products offered by Abernathy’s are exceptionally designed and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

No matter what your porch or patio needs, Abernathy’s will ensure you make to best decision possible when purchasing outdoor furniture. Abernathy’s team is passionate about the products they provide their customers and guide them through the process of purchasing a product that’s dependable yet still within a budget. Start the summer off comfortably and head to Abernathy’s Furniture today!

Abernathy’s Complete Home Furnishings
3310 Blue Ridge Drive
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Monday – Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Outdoor Living Indoor Comfort

The only thing better than a welcoming outdoor space on a warm summer evening is a welcoming outdoor space all year long. Whether you enjoy a balcony, patio, porch or pergola, a comfortable outdoor space and a glass of sweet tea are southern staples. For years, the family- focused folks at Outdoor Living Indoor Comfort in Jasper, Ga. have provided lovely outdoor living spaces by offering excellent care and craftsmanship to customers. Owner Julie Heinsman believes there is an art to casual living that we Southerners have perfected, and Outdoor Living Indoor Comfort is here to help you enjoy your slice of that southern bliss.

Beautifully Furnish your Outdoor Space
Outdoor Living Indoor Comfort offers a wide variety of outdoor furniture to ensure your outdoor space is beautiful and functional. Visit the OLIC showroom in Jasper, Ga for help customizing your gorgeous furniture. From dining sets and sofas to lamps and rugs, OLIC has a wide variety of pieces to suit the needs of you and your guests.

Protect and Preserve Your Outdoor
Space and Furniture with PGT Eze-Breeze® Sliding Panels
Protect your newly furnished outdoor space with PGT Eze-Breeze® Sliding Panels. These clear, vinyl panels are flexible, sturdy and offer maximum visibility. By enabling homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space all year, many feel as though they’ve added an entirely new room to their home! These highly customizable panels fit virtually any space! Choose vinyl and frames from a variety of colors, multiple ventilation styles, and optional screens. Increase the personal enjoyment of your home as well as its value without breaking the bank. PGT Eze-Breeze® Sliding Panels are a great option for homeowners who’d like to relax without the headache of construction.

Add the Elegance of Beautiful and Waterproof Porch Flooring
With a new gorgeous and functional enclosure, you and your loved ones will undoubtedly be taking full advantage of your newly renovated outdoor space. There’s no better way to add to your perfectly southern comfort than with beautiful flooring. Take full advantage of Outdoor Living’s services by completing your porch with beautiful waterproof, luxury vinyl planks. The vinyl planks are available in two sizes, creating the look of elegant hardwoods or rustic time-worn floors. Vinyl tiles create the look of various natural stones, which is the perfect way to blend your porch into the gorgeous Georgia scenery.

With Outdoor Living’s exceptional services and products, your home can quickly become an oasis, taking full advantage of every natural beauty this lovely southern state has to offer.

Call Outdoor Living Indoor Comfort

Visit the Showroom: 447 Harmony School Rd
Jasper, GA 30143
Or on the web:

Hours: Wednesday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm
Monday – Tuesday, by appointment

Power Solutions Unlimited

Protect Your Family from Summer Power Outages with a Generator from Power Solutions Unlimited

Anyone who has lived in Georgia during the summer months knows that extreme weather, such as tornados and massive thunder storms are a reality that impact thousands of people a year. Trees may fall, damaging power lines and hundreds of people may lose electricity in an instant. With the summer heat in the south reaching 100 degrees or more, life without air conditioning could be life threatening, especially for small children and the elderly. Generators aren’t exclusively for the winter months anymore, not for Georgia residents who have experienced the heat, humidity and temperamental weather of the summer months. The most vulnerable residents, such as those who rely on dialysis or chemo-therapy face a real threat during power outages. Generators are quickly becoming a must-have for peace of mind, especially as homeowners learn of their affordability and simple installation.

Since 2007, Power Solutions Unlimited has been supplying, installing and maintaining generators everywhere within a 100-mile radius of Jasper. This includes cell phone towers, police stations, fire stations, assisted living facilities and private homes. PoweSolutions Unlimited is a full-service generator dealer as well as one of only two premier dealers in the entire state of Georgia. The generators offered by Power Solutions are wired into your home’s existing power service. When the electricity goes out, power is restored within 20 seconds, and you can go about your business. This is especially valuable during brownouts, which happen frequently as everyone on the power grid cranks up the AC in an effort to beat the extreme summer heat. A generator from Power Solutions Unlimited eliminates this worry, especially for those who rely on power for medical treatment.

If you’re ready to make this priceless summer upgrade to your home, don’t waste any time. While the weather may be beautiful today, it can change at any moment, and you want to be prepared. The process is simple! Power Solutions will set up a free consultation and site visit to evaluate your home and determine the best generator to suite your needs. After you’ve been given a free quote, Power Solutions Unlimitedwill schedule an installation. With prices starting at $8500, these generators are affordable, and the peace of mind they provide is priceless. Customers who mention this article will receive a free 5-year warranty, which is valued at $595. Power Solutions Unlimited even offers financing and accepts all major credit cards. With the temperatures starting to rise, now is the perfect time to give Power Solutions Unlimited a call. When the next thunder storm takes out the power in your neighborhood, you’ll be patting yourself on the back.

Contact Power Solutions Unlimited today!
Power Solutions Unlimited
111 Confederate Ave
Jasper, GA 30143
(706) 253-7737

Porch Life 365 Custom Enclosures

Nothing ruins a relaxing summer evening on your beautiful porch more than a swarm of mosquitos and itchy ankles. Yikes! No one wants to share a glass of sweet tea with bugs. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of amazing things about summers in Georgia, but giant bugs are not on the list. A well-fitted, quality screen is a must for those who enjoy relaxing on a porch during the summer months. Thanks to the good folks at Porch Life 365, a long lasting and professionally fitted screen enclosure is just a phone call away. As a family owned and operated business, Porch Life has been installing screen enclosures for generations. What started as one man’s part-time side business has now grown into a full-time family affair.
Porch Life 365’s screen enclosures are built with aluminum frames, which far outlast wooden frames and will last throughout the lifetime of your home. The frames are cut in the shop to perfectly fit the unique architecture of your porch. No matter the complexity of your porch, Porch Life 365 will rise to the challenge to ensure a quality, well-fitted screen enclosure. for your unique space.

A high quality, screen enclosure has a tremendous impact on the way homeowners view and use their porches. Screens immediately transform a porch into an additional room. Many customers enjoy hanging curtains, adding a ceiling fan and fully furnishing their new oasis. The grandkids will love camping in the safety and comfort of your new screen enclosure. The possibilities are endless!

Porch Life 365 also offers a variety of screens, which allow homeowners to choose the perfect screen to suit their lifestyle and property characteristics. Along with the standard screens, Porch Life 365 offers a pet friendly screen. This screen protects your investment from scratches and tears. For clients who would like to take advantage of every inch of their amazing mountain view, Porch Life 365 offers a screen designed to give a much clearer view. For those who live in an area with an excess of smaller bugs, an extremely tightly woven screen option is available. If you’re unsure of the best option for your porch, Porch Life 365’s professionals will be happy walk you through the process.

From consultation to completion, clients can expect to be enjoying their custom screen enclosure in about a month. With temperatures rising and the bugs headed your way, don’t waste any time! Let the Porch Life 365 Custom Enslosures family transform your porch into a summer oasis and help you keep that glass of sweet tea for yourself!

Porch Life 365 Custom Enclosures
706. 889. 8343
Hours: Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm