What Rental Companies Won’t Tell You

By on October 12, 2012

Cabin rental companies don’t always tell you everything

Often, renting a place to stay can be a bit overwhelming. Ever wonder if the information online matches up with what’s actually at the properties? There are many questions to consider, so we talked to the best people in the rental business to find out what other rental companies won’t tell their clients!


my mtn cabins3The rental office may be virtual.

Christopher Middlebrook of My Mountain Realty in Morganton recommends that before agreeing to rent a vacation cabin, be sure to find out about the rental office. Is it a “virtual” office or will the renter be able to talk to someone in an on-site facility near the property? This relates to the question of staff availability. If a renter needs help finding the cabin or if there’s an issue with something there, will there be anyone to help? “My staff lives on My Mountain and we accept telephone calls all hours of the night. We have handymen that live on My Mountain and we address all issues quickly. Keeping the guest happy is our main concern.” When possible, rent from a company with an on-site office in case trouble arises.
My Mountain Realty (706) 374-4111 fax: (706) 374-4120 www.1mymountain.com.


stressbuster1Some rental agencies aren’t clear about the accommodations or cabin access.

Always ask about the accommodations and about access to the cabin. Joy Lyle from Stress Buster Cabin Rentals in Ellijay suggests finding out what all is included in the accommodation package. Are the properties fully furnished or do the renters need to bring things of their own? Stress Buster Cabin Rentals provide everything a renter would need except for groceries, laundry detergent and charcoal for the grill. Other companies might have different policies, so it is important to find out. Also, what are the roads like leading to the cabin? “I’ve had people tell me that other companies didn’t let them know the cabin was on a steep gravel road and they needed four-wheel drive.” Nothing brings a vacation down like not being able to get there, so ask, “What’s the best way to get there?”
Stress Buster Cabin Rentals (404) 791-4388 or (706) 635-3952 Fax (706) 635-3951 www.stressbuster-vacationrentals.com email: stressbuster@ellijay.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


windrush-3273- kz cabinsThere may be hidden fees but often cabin rental prices pay off.

Many guests view renting cabins as like booking a hotel room in that every cost should be included in the nightly rental rate.   The one-time charges that are required above the nightly rent on cabins is mainly because they are privately owned and the actual cost to service and maintain them is significantly higher than hotel rooms that are bunched together in one location. In the North Georgia mountains, cabins can be miles apart and each cabin is different and has different upkeep and cleaning requirements. In spite of those one-time fees, when total prices are compared to those of hotel rentals, cabin rentals are much more cost effective for family vacation needs. For example, a hotel room could cost $200 a night for one room which can hold a max of 3 or 4 people compared to a 6 bedroom cabin rental that holds up to 18 is far less money per person per square foot. Remember, any additional fees for cabin rentals are more than worth the cost when compared to hotel rooms. Also, always make sure you read what the cabin’s nightly rental price includes, for example is the nightly rate for the entire cabin, or only a small group of guests? Nothing turns off guests more than seeing a nightly rate on a cabin that sleeps a bunch of people and then realizing at check-out that the rate is only for a small group of people and extra charges are required for extra guests per night.
KZ Cabins (706) 698-4445 www.kzcabins.com or www.facebook.com/KZCabins.


chamomileIt may be possible to get a better deal.

Andrea of Chamomile Retreat Country Getaway, located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, caters her business to busy women who are looking for some peace and quiet on their vacation. As a busy woman herself, she recommends finding out if the location is conducive to rest. Is the cabin quiet and secluded, but not isolated? She also suggests negotiating the price. “Find out if there are any special deals the company offers. What about a trade of some sort? It never hurts to ask!” Andrea says. “I would love for someone to come and help me in the garden for a trade!” In the end, a vacation rental should be something you can enjoy and afford.
Chamomile Retreat Country Getaway (404) 909-9303 www.georgiacountryretreat.com.


fernbrookYour personality IS a consideration when renting.

Jane Whaley of Fernbrook Inn operates a charming Bed and Breakfast in Blue Ridge. She suggests you consider your own personality when deciding on a rental. If you like interacting with new people, think about renting something other than a cabin or a hotel room. “In an inn or Bed and Breakfast, you are interacting with other people. Most of the time, at least one of your meals is shared with other people.” Jane says. A Bed and Breakfast or an inn is small, quaint and personal with the staff on site. A guest has his or her privacy but knows that the staff is close by. What would be best for your vacation?
Fernbrook Inn 404-272-0080 www.thefernbrookinn.com, or email reservations@thefernbrookinn.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It is important that renters research the rental companies and the properties to make sure they are getting what they truly want out of a property. Know what the property has to offer (or detract from) a vacation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s your vacation, so be sure you will enjoy it!