Oasis Medspa

By on December 9, 2011

Oasis Medspa

In a world of stress and chaos, Oasis offers exactly what its name suggests.  But it is not a regular spa—all services here are supervised by doctors. Unlike other facilities of its kind, all of the employees at Oasis Medspa have a title behind their name. Each person is specifically trained to administer a wide range of Botox, laser, facials and other spa services. After six years of success, Oasis Medspa is still growing and expanding  its business, providing a place where patients can entrust the care of their most precious possession—their  bodies.

Owners Monika and Anil Yadav are both doctors of Internal Medicine at Internal Medicine Associates, located in the same building as the Oasis Medspa in Jasper. “We started Oasis because of our patients,” says Monika Yadav, M.D. “They needed spa services and trusted us.” business2 11-11The two practices help each other. Monika is a diabetic specialist and understands that there are some people who don’t respond through medicines or have reactions to them. The spa’s philosophy is more of a homeopathic/natural – integrative medicine. The mantra is healing through relaxation.

“We help improve circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and ease migraines and sports injuries through massage,” notes spa manager, Kim Silverthorn, C.L.T. “Some insurance companies approve Botox for migraines, excessive sweating or facial spasms.”  The holiday special this year is a signature facial massage with firming laser skin tightening and a hot stone massage combining a peppermint hand and foot treatment. It is soothing relaxation at its best.

Oasis caters to patients pre-teen and older. While many are women, there are also many of men who benefit from the treatments available. Teenagers benefit from facials for acne, while older patients enjoy injectable procedures such as Botox and wrinkle fillers. Hair reduction works by using light energy to impair hair at the follicles. Lasers can also be used for vein reduction, skin tightening and more. Lipodissolve and body contouring are some of the more popular procedures for women. Painless injections of vitamins and fat-busting medications are delivered under the skin, reducing cellulite and minimizing fat pockets.

Along with procedures, Oasis also offers Jane Iredale cosmetics, LHA cleansing gel and a variety of skincare products, all approved by the spa’s physicians.

jon garberCoupled with spa services, Oasis offers weight loss counseling and a maintenance program with Kim, who has gone through the program herself. “People usually lose two to ten pounds per week,” smiles Kim. “It’s been amazing to see the change in their lives.” One prime example is Jon Garber, a Pickens resident, who has lost over 80 pounds since his entrance in the program in April 2011.  “I didn’t have any energy for the past 15 years,” explains Jon. “But now I’m eager to do yard work and physical labor again.”  He recently came in 5th place within his age bracket at the Pickens 5-Star 5K Walk. Jon says he never could have completed the walk without losing the weight first.  His blood pressure meds have been reduced by 50% and he is hoping to be off all blood pressure medicines within the next six months.   “Dr. Anil has been very thorough and supportive at each visit making sure I understand the weight loss program, and the results have been incredible.  Kim has been helpful in suggesting meal replacements that not only taste good but work out best for my busy lifestyle. This program has literally changed my life!”

business2 11-11Oasis isn’t done with its ideas to help customers, not by a long shot. As a response to patient requests, it will soon offer yoga, organic eating and life strategy classes. “Anil is in Tampa now taking more holistic medicine classes,” adds Monika. “We love helping our patients and being part of the community. Our support system here is amazing.” In a fast paced society, Oasis Medspa provides haven and education for anyone needing a transformation.

There are two locations for Oasis Medspa: 51 Gordon Road in Jasper and 684 Sixes Road in Holly Springs. The staff at Oasis loves to answer patient questions, so please feel free to contact them at (706) 253-7326 or visit oasismedspa.net for details about procedures, programs and prices.