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By on August 5, 2021

“We’ll meet anybody’s price even if we have to raise ours!”


Many fine businesses are rooted in the mountains of north Georgia. Doug Shelburn, owner of North Georgia Furniture and Décor is one of those satisfied and sought after proprietors. After living for more than 30 years in north Georgia, and with his years of business acumen behind him, Shelburn, who joined Ellijay’s’ business community in 2010, makes note that Ellijay is good to him, “I find Ellijay a great place to run a business. The people are friendly and always willing to help others.”  Eleven years after setting up shop in Ellijay, he feels he made the right move. 

Being happy with where he does business is an important aspect of Shelburn’s business, especially because it’s a family-operated entrepreneurship. He commends his wife, Debbie, his parents, George and Leah, his daughters, Lauren and Katie, and their families all for helping to make North Georgia Furniture and Décor, a successful enterprise that serves well and sells well.

Shelburn is a man committed to serving his client’s needs, “I love finding my clients products that create value and comfort for their homes or cabins.” He notes that he carries furniture with lasting quality. He takes pride in the choices selected to display and sell at his business site. Of course, the log furniture, cabin or lodge style furniture is a large part of the décor Shelburn sells to mountain dwellers; however, he stresses, “Not everyone wants that, so we strive to provide many looks.”  His showroom is filled with an array from rustic, to classic, to elegant to fit every taste in home amenities and design.

Shelburn is especially enthused about the upturn in the use of office furniture for the home. He offers office decor that blends in well with the rest of your cabin or traditional home and its furnishings. “The home office space category has really evolved in the last year. With the onslaught of digital devices, work areas now require minimal space. We offer a wide selection of home office furniture to choose from to keep that space functional and attractive,” he points out. 

There really isn’t any room of a customer’s home, inside or outside, that North Georgia Furniture is unable to help fill the want. Do you need a cabinet for your bathroom?  A collector’s cabinet for the living room?  What about handmade items, from furniture pieces to lamps and wall décor? Bunk beds for the kids?  Perhaps French flair for the master bedroom? Needing a new mattress? Shelburn’s store is known for its high-quality mattresses. Looking for the latest in kitchen and dining room furniture? There’s simply no end to what Shelburn’s customers can find at North Georgia Home and Décor to furnish your home, be it cabin, cottage, chalet, lodge, or any size house.

A hot item with North Georgia Furniture is the Daydreamers ™ recliner chair from Ultra-Comfort, “They are a must see,” Shelburn urges. “We choose suppliers who produce products that offer years of comfort and satisfaction, and for those looking for a lift chair, these will surely not disappoint.”

 North Georgia Furniture is all about quality and longevity featuring solid wood pieces to last a lifetime. Two suppliers of his abundant hardwood furniture stand out by way of their commitment to environmental sustainability, Artistan and Post, and A-America.


Artisan and Post– Made In the USA

For 100 years, our company has worked to preserve American craftsmanship. Built by 500 skilled craftsmen in our Galax, Virginia factory, our furniture is constructed from Solid Maple, Solid Cherry, or Solid Oak to ensure the highest level of quality.


Built to Last

Artisan and Post products are the perfect blend of function and fashion and incorporate high-value, high-quality details including:

  • English Dovetail Drawer Construction
  • Smooth-Running, Dual Ball-Bearing
      Drawer Guides
  • Mortise And Tenon Construction For Strength
    And Stability
  • Piston-Activated Whisper Soft Self-Close
    • Drawers Backed By A Lifetime Warranty
  • Ultra-Smooth Acrylic Finish On Interior
      Drawers’ Sides And Bottoms


Sustainably Made

We replace every tree used to make our furniture through a unique and innovative program developed with the Virginia Department of Forestry. Vaughan-Bassett is a leader in the “Buy Local” movement. Over 99 percent of our lumber comes from within 500 miles of our factories—80 percent from within 200 miles—reducing the carbon footprint associated with the transport of primary raw material.

Vaughan-Bassett is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council and is committed to a program of continuous improvement of our systems, striving to be an industry leader in producing environmentally responsible bedroom furniture.



When you buy furniture from A-America, you are making a responsible decision to maintain a healthier planet. The solid hardwoods and time-tested craftsmanship used to build your furniture ensure premium quality, luxury and durability. You can relax knowing that both your new solid wood furniture pieces and the forests they came from will be around to enjoy for generations. 


Wood Types

American Hardwoods such as alder, ash, oak, cherry and hickory reproduce prolifically. Currently nearly twice as much hardwood grows each year than is harvested, which is why in the last 50 years the volume of hardwood in U.S. forests has doubled. American foresters follow a simple rule: On-going replenishment equals a sustained supply. 


Energy Saving Process

Hardwood trees are grown through a process patented by nature. They’re not mined or created through a chemically intense manmade process. Trees use the power of sunlight to separate carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen atoms. The carbon is used to grow roots, trunk, branches, and leaves, while the oxygen is released to enrich the air. After a tree is harvested a very small amount of energy is needed to turn it into lumber or other wood products.


Delivering American made products is a goal that we strive for wherever possible. We choose suppliers who not only manufacture products that deliver comfort and satisfaction, but those whose practices are aimed at environmental stability.”  ACLM 


Visit North Georgia Furniture and Décor
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