New Year New Beginnings

By on February 12, 2013

Your New Year’s Resolutions Guide to North Georgia

Each year we promise to improve our health by making New Year’s resolutions. We look forward to a new beginning with hope and enthusiasm. This year will be no exception and Appalachian Country is here to help you keep those resolutions.

Jasper Drugs Specializes in Health Education

jasperdrugs vitaminsOffering wellness education for customers of all ages is a large thrust of Jasper Drugs pharmacy services. Weight Loss, diabetic management, cholesterol screening, blood pressure, and smoking cessation are areas in which the Jasper’s pharmacists’ are adept. They currently operate diabetic programs at three locations: Jasper Drugs in Jasper, the Pickens County Senior Center in Jasper, and the Fitness Center in Big Canoe.

The education process is offered on individual or corporate levels, assisting customers with cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetic drug and vitamin management with adherence to proper medications. New classes for January 2013 are being offered in smoking cessation, weight-loss, diabetic education, and bio-dental hormone therapy, (educating the aging on meds and vitamins). Weight-loss emphasis focuses on teaching people correct eating and exercise habits.

Jasper Drugs celebrates its 61st year of service to the community and is proud to be the recipient as one of the top five drug stores in the United States for its Diabetic Education Programs. Pharmacist Jack Dunn notes that, “The most rewarding thing of all is to have the family members tell you how much they appreciate having their loved one “back” once they’ve lost the extra weight they’ve been carrying around and/or came off the medications they’ve been on for so long.”

Dunn’s father, Lee Dunn, now retired, opened Jasper Drugs in 1952, along with his wife Martiele, who worked as a clerk. Currently two other pharmacists work alongside Jack Dunn at Jasper Drug Store: John Thomas and Amanda Paisley. Jack’s wife Terry is a pharmacist and works at the foothill location in Marble Hill.

For the past seven years Jasper Drugs has been compounding medications for pain, veterinary products as well as bio identical hormone. “And we offer the I-Step Program, which is an arch support system to assist patients with back and foot problems associated with their arches. This is an arch for the shoe that is offered through Jasper Drugs with certified programs and staff to fit diabetic shoes and compression hose,” says Dunn.

Jasper Drugs also offers immuni-zations for shingles, flu vaccine and pneumonia. “Georgia is at the bottom of the list when it comes to administering the flu vaccine,” Dunn adds. “Jasper Drugs offers the flu vaccine to walk-ins, no appointment is needed. “

Jasper Drugs accepts most medical insurance plans, in addition to assisting customers’ enrollment with Medicare Part D. This service is offered because the paperwork is often a time-consuming and/or confusing undertaking.
An added bonus for Jasper Drugs customers are services and gift items such as medical equipment, a digital film lab, baby items, uniquely styled women’s clothing, home decor, specialty-greeting cards — and much more. AC

Jasper Drugs is located at 1 N. Main St., Jasper, with a second location at the Foothill Shopping area inside the IGA Grocery Store in Marble Hill. Call 706. 692. 6427 or visit


North Georgia Personal Care
The Personal Touch

nga personal care 1When Dorothy said “There’s no place like home,” she could have been telling people what North Georgia Personal Care, located in Talking Rock, Georgia is about: helping you or your loved ones at home on the intermediate level. Some people need just a little bit of help, others need more. Their services are everything a person can need like light housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, grooming, errands such as grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, medication reminders, hospital sitting, and transportation for needs like doctor’s appointments. Personnel are employed for 4 to 24-hour shifts. In–home nurse visits are also available. Thus, healthcare as well as homecare can be provided. Clients always seem to do better in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

As an in-home home healthcare provider, the personnel are carefully screened for peace of mind. They have registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN) and certified nurses assistants (CNA) on staff. Also, as a state licensed in-home care business they accept most insurance, private pay, Veteran’s benefits and worker’s compensation.

With an average five-star review rating, NGPC holds to this mission statement:
Our goal is to provide the highest quality care with professionally trained staff. Our staff will meet the needs of our clients, while maintaining, dignity, safety, and confidentiality.

Their location in north Georgia between Jasper and Ellijay is close to Piedmont Mountainside Hospital in Jasper, and they serve, but are not limited to Pickens, Gilmer, Fannin, Murray, Whitfield, Bartow and Gordon counties.

Their office hours are 8 5 p.m., with an office staff to help with any questions or to answer emergencies. The staff also includes Spanish speaking personnel. Contact them for all of your home health care needs at 706. 253. 0131 or by email at northgeorgia_personal_care09@yahoo.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
. AC

North Georgia Personal Care, LLC
80 Larkspur Lane, Talking Rock, GA 30175
706. 253. 0131
northgeorgia_personal_care09@yahoo.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



jasper family dentistry 2Dental healthcare has come a long way, thanks to advanced technology. What was once unaffordable for some is now affordable for most, and this is especially true with the practice of Jasper Family Dentistry, owned and operated by Spencer and Leigh Griffeth, a husband and wife team of dentists, located in Jasper, Georgia. They’ll tell you upfront that they operate by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That’s certainly a comfortable way to start a relationship of any kind, especially in healthcare—and in particular dental care because it shoos away the squeamishness that was long associated with “going to the dentist.”

Like artists painting portraits, the Griffeths enjoy great satisfaction in seeing the beauty of their finished work—happy smiles. Replacement of missing teeth is a specialty of the dental team by offering three choices: a partial denture, a bridge, or dental implants, which are fast becoming the treatment of choice. They see implants as a better, wiser choice because they price them more affordable than a bridge. Digital x-rays and in office teeth whitening, along with all the other aspects of dental care make dentistry a rewarding service for the Griffeth team.

In 2012, they added a second dental hygienist to their practice, so that families can come and be served without long waits. The Griffeths ask their patients to play a personal role by offering any input into what they want. Another expansion with Jasper family dentistry came this past year by taking dental care to nursing homes. Receiving dental care while living away from one’s home offers a sense of physical well-being and encouragement.

Education about long-term dental health-care is a priority with the Griffeths because dental problems can be largely prevented. They emphasize that a faithful, at-home dental regime is the best care. Jasper Family Dentistry’s patients range in age from two years to the elderly. For consistent dental care, they emphasize a good tooth brush, dental floss, and routine cleanings to prevent decay, infections and periodontal disease. The dental team is fair with their pricing, offering several treatment and payment options and they accept most insurance plans such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna Radius, Guardian, Assurant, Americas, Dentemax, Delta Dental Premier. AC

To make an appointment to see either Dr. Leigh Griffeth or Dr. Spencer Griffeth, please call 706. 692. 2646.
The office is located at 391 N. Main Street, Jasper, GA. 30143. For more information please visit their web site: