Maxine is Ready for Spring!

By on February 10, 2015

She Just Can’t Wait for Our April/May Spring & Summer Festivals Issue

Maxine in the AC Living OfficeYep. Christmas just flew by us, it’s almost February and darn it, the Christmas tree is still up in my cabin. Sheesh. The Holidays were great with my Mom, her dog Natalie and my brother visiting. It didn’t take Maxine long to figure out how to open her doggie gifts, she jumped right in tearing away the wrapping and then squeaking away with her toys. Good girl. Everyone stayed through the New Year and we all ended up dancing in the new and out with the old until 2am at the Jabulani Lodge– aka our neighbor Lorenzo’s man cave. What a fun night and we could walk home!

Seems that everyone got a late start this January, and then of course we all had the 2 or 4 week flu that knocked us back even further. Then I ran over my glasses with my SUV, so I’ve been wearing sunglasses while putting this issue together. Have to replace them as soon as this edition gets sent to the printer. The futures’ so bright…trust me, it’s never dull around here!

This is our annual wedding issue and features several of the best in the business here in north Georgia. The mother–daughter team of Debbie & Kristen Ley form a new wedding consulting company in Ball Ground– Something New for I Do. Their fresh approach to making each and every wedding unique and memorable is simply amazing. Blending contemporary ideas and timeless themes with up-to-date fashionable style seems to be their trademark. You’ll see what I mean when you get to page 22.

Gerard Monte and Hector Rosano of Coast 2 Coast Catering bring their years of experience and impeccable taste to the wedding issue with A Return to the Classics. Close your eyes and picture The Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, a summer in the Hamptons, polo ponies, peonies and free flowing champagne towers. Simply glorious. Gerard also shares his wedding gift giving ideas and gives us a hint of what’s trending in weddings this year- hint- dining al fresco is “in.”

Let’s not forget Valentine’s Day- coming up soon. For the last minute lover, North Georgia Diamond has wonderful gems at every price range. And for those who love to bake there are four delicious cake recipes of varying skill levels to help you find a way to their heart.

Our next issue is Everything Spring! We’ll feature our Home Builder’s Showcase for those wishing to build or remodel their mountain dream home. Gardening and homeowner tips to get you in the mood for fairer weather. And of course the Big List of all the Spring and Summer Festivals throughout the region that you won’t want to miss.

See y’all soon!