Magical Mountain Marriage

By on February 11, 2012

How the Crowley/Lowe Dream Came to Be
They were set up on a blind date by mutual friends,
and after both Ryker and Lisa almost bailed out,
they decided to meet—on a double-date
with their friends Billie and Josh Foulk

Ryker’s Version of How They Met and Married

marriage magic leadThe first words I heard from my lovely unknown were, “Oh, you do have a beard.” With our friend’s company at dinner, we talked about various and sundry things, but mostly I looked at what was then, and still is now, the prettiest lady I have ever seen.

I did not ask for her number that evening, but soon after. Eight months later I asked her to marry me. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I know a good thing when I see it.

Our wedding is one of the nicest events I have ever attended. Our friends and family were there, the food was wonderful, and the team at Coast 2 Coast catering did a truly professional job. Andrew Wilson of photographed the very creative wedding pictures. We still get compliments about the wonderful food, beautiful flowers and stunning photographs that captured our evening.

We appreciate their hard work in making our dream wedding come true and will treasure the memories forever. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Lisa—I am very happy.

Lisa’s Version of Their Fortunate Meeting

We met the first Monday after Valentine’s Day. I stayed in the bathroom of the restaurant for a while listing all the reasons I should turn around and go back home. You wore a green Filson jacket, blue shirt, tan pants, and brown shoes—and a l-o o-o-ng beard. I wore turquoise, my lace fringe Free People shirt and jeans. You and Billie talked about warts and haunts—and I talked about turquoise and horses–and oatmeal too. I’d wanted to order oatmeal but ordered Brussel sprouts and grits instead. I laughed until I couldn’t breathe. You and Billie cringed, Josh just smiled and nodded.

I thought out paths would never cross again but I remember noticing that you had kind eyes; I was a little disappointed when it was time to go because by then I thought, maybe…

I kept hearing that Ray Lamontagne song in my head, “You Are the Best Thing.” You left and I was sure that you would not call. But here we are married with three dogs, three donkeys, and plenty of oatmeal and turquoise.
I know why I heard that song in my head—because you are the best thing to me.

Once upon a time, there lived affair-haired maiden who dreamed of meeting her own prince charming. The dream: to fall in love, get married, and to be whisked away to a mountain to live happily ever after.

This maiden, Lisa Crowley, and the prince charming, Ryker Lowe, are that couple. Lisa, daughter of Joe and Tina Crowley of Big Canoe, is an art teacher with Wildwood Academy, and Ryker, son of Mike and Decie Lowe, owners of Jasper Jeep, met and fell in love in the North Georgia Mountains.

As for Lisa and Ryker’s wedding tale, they came to Coast 2 Coast Catering through a referral. Lisa and her mother visited Madeline’s Bakery & Cafe, in Jasper, to meet Gerard Monte and Hector Rosano who own both businesses. Everyone instantly felt that it was a promising partnership, a marriage of food and style. The details for tables, food and flowers were worked out, along with Coast 2 Coast’s proposal for the couple, and the bride’s parents approved. The next step was the sample tasting, also presented at Madeline’s. Monte and Rosano created a perfect replica of the bride’s dream look for her wedding day, everything from table settings, food, floral arrangements and décor. Coast 2 Coast’s dream look presentation delighted everyone.

When Rosano and Monte saw the venue for the wedding, a large steel building, they met the challenge with years of experience and a combined vision of a warm and chic country fair. The men, along with the help of the bride’s mom Tina, and Lisa’s girlfriends turned yards of burlap into draperies with the bride and groom’s monograms. A large oak whiskey barrel and urns filled with wildflowers were used at the entrance of the building. Lisa and Tina also made personalized pillows to fit on old church pews—and a banner was draped and hung with photos of the bride and groom. A sand pit was transformed to a grassy indoor lawn, as visualized by Monte and Rosano, by covering it with sod “to bring the outside in” —and a band on a trailer completed the feel of a state fair wedding. Though a flurry of rain poured down just before the wedding party arrived, Coast 2 Coast staff cleaned up leaving no sign that Mother Nature’s puddles had been anywhere in sight. No problem. The breathtaking dream wedding came off with no hitches, except the happy hitching of the bride and groom.

This can be the similar story of any fair maiden and her prince charming, especially if they employ the services and the very unique creative touches of Coast 2 Coast Catering. Read on and you’ll discover why.

Dreams at Your Service

Hector Rosano, who co-owns Coast 2 Coast Catering with Gerard Monte says, “Our job is to make your wedding day dreams come true, to make it a forever treasured event.” This duo offers far more than catering food, they will do it all to assist with the wedding and reception needs and rentals. But to the food first, and then surprisingly delight you with what else they offer.

c2c foodRosano first reminds a wedding couple of the need to plan your reception by setting the mood with the menu: A popular reception idea is to offer food stations with ethnic twists. Your tastes or heritage will probably determine that such as Italian with pastas and bruschetta. Or gourmet favorites like macaroni and cheese, served cupcake-style. Casual dinner styles add a relaxed and informal feel to the celebration.

The wedding couple may have a favorite food of sentimental meaning for them, perhaps they cook together or enjoyed on their first date. And buffets are always popular because it’s less expensive for guests to serve themselves and it gives them a variety.  Buffet options work for small or large parties but the large parties will usually entail calling by an emcee of a few tables at a time to eliminate too long lines.

Monte makes note of a unique “taste testing” service Coast 2 Coast provides for the prospective bride and groom for what they want served at the reception, “We create a bond of trust because we’re creating what they really want from linens, silverware, and on to the food to create the reception scene.” He says that he and Rosano are gratified when they hear the bride say, “You’ve captured what I’ve dreamed of.”

Even Dreams Need Budgets

For dreams to be sweet when planning parties, the budget must come first if you don’t want a nightmare. Thus, formal or informal can all be met in any price range that include buffets, sit-down dinners, family style dinners, or stations. “We have a passion to take care of

Dreams in Hue

As you plan your wedding and recep-tion, colors are an important element. Each season suggests its own colors such as pastels for spring and jewel tones for autumn. To reverse seasonal hues, “Just doesn’t work,” Rosano says. The season of your wedding will also determine the flowers you’ll be using. Your favorite flower may not be the one you can use if it’s out of season.

Monte makes notice that Coast 2 Coast can provide the best of flower arrangements, “Fresh flowers always make the best presentation, but we’ll work with silk flowers if that’s what the bride wants. But remember that naturals like cornhusks, nuts, and fruits like oranges and apples also make great arrangements for autumn weddings—and especially in the mountains. There’s no limit to décor, only the pocketbook says stop.

Rosano reminds the bride that when plans are being laid she needs to bring a photo of her gown, and swatches of her attendant’s gowns and any other wedding color swatches that may be needed to set the hues for just the right selections.

“When a bride has joined with Coast 2 Coast for a partnership for the wedding, I’ve walked the aisles of the flower shop with her to physically touch, feel and smell the flowers. The brides enjoy it; they often make a day of it.” Monte adds, “On the wedding day, I personally bring the bouquets to the brides—and many of them cry with joy.
“Let’s not forget the groom’s boutonnieres,” Monte adds. Indivi-duality in boutonnieres is fun to create, and he shares some of them: If the groom is a fisherman, tuck a fishing lure into his and the male attendant’s flowers. Or how about a groom of Spanish background, with his and his groomsmen’s boutonnieres holding red chili peppers?
Monte notes that there are no boundaries with creating, especially with food and flowers, “They are beautiful creations of God and they present something in the wedding and reception pictures that the couple will enjoy forever.”

Dreams to Rent

Rosano says that depending on where you choose to hold your wedding and host your reception, you may find that there are items not provided at the venue, so rentals are in order. Coast 2 Coast can provide these items too, “Dealing with one company as we can provide, versus say 15 different vendors, simplifies the planning process.”

Think indoor and/or outdoor items as you might need: tents, tables, glassware, flatware, china, buffet items, portable bar, linens, chairs, chair covers, fountains, arches, etc. Even the staging is done by Coast to Coast for just the right ambience. Keep in mind Coast 2 Coast rental fee includes only one delivery, set up and pickup—yes, one fee for all.
For 25 years celebrity chefs Rosano and Monte have catered food— and so much more— for brides and grooms, starting their business in southern California and relocating in the north Georgia mountains three years ago. “And we’re here now to make your wedding day dreams come true,” the popular chefs assure.  AC

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