Letter from the Publisher – Oct-Nov 2013

By on October 16, 2013

Well folks, it’s gettin’ to be fall out there– time to start wearing socks and a long sleeve shirt around the cabin. Also time to check the woodpile, which by the way, I’ve been eyeballing all summer wondering what to do. My beautiful Hearthstone TM woodstove is probably over 50 years old and was originally made to burn coal or wood. While now, it burns wood only; the components that would allow it to accept coal are still stored in the basement/garage. Why? I have no idea.

octnov13 image 2Anyhoo– the upshot is that the old beauty has a smaller opening/door than newer stoves, which means that I need to use “short cut” wood. Now I’m not exactly lazy, but the idea of tracking down good, well-seasoned short cut just adds another pesky item to my ever-growing winter to-do list, especially for someone that hasn’t had to use heat at all for the last 13 years since I lived in Southern California. Well, except this past winter, my first full winter here, when I ran up the electric bill to about $300/month using oil-filled space heaters to keep the chill of and only using the woodstove when the temps dropped to freezing. Can’t afford that again.
So that’s the latest worry here at Camp AC Mag and as you can see my remaining staff, The Boy, could care less as long as his secret napping spot is reserved.

Yes, it’s Apple Time, Festival Time and Leaf Peeping Time! In this issue you’ll find a guide to north Georgia’s waterfalls, harvest fun time at the vineyards, gorgeous newly engineered log homes from Satterwhite, fab fall fashions from Daisy Boutique (yes, I do buy a lot of clothes there) and the best deals you’ll ever find at North GA Furniture.

The apple recipes are scrumptiously exotic with new twists on common fare that are easy to master. Plus a few surprises from our local artists just to make the recipes more fun.

My own favorite story in this issue comes from Equine Advocates of north Georgia. Lynley and John Edwards lend their expertise, time and their bank accounts to this noble cause– keeping the stable off the table.
Next we’ll all be getting ready for the Holidays (already?). You’ll find great features on Holiday shopping– consignment style– festive recipes and the coolest adventure gear for your avid outdoors-person.

alice1Also included in the next issue is the 2014 Wedding Planning Guide featuring caterers, photographers, fantastic venues and anything else you can think of for the perfect north Georgia wedding.

So until next time– enjoy the wonderful fall foliage and crisp weather!


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