Letter from the Publisher Dec 2013 – Jan 2014

By on December 16, 2013

Publisher's Letter - Xena by the Woodstove

Welcome to AC Magazine

Gobble. Gobble. By the time you’re done reading this, Thanksgiving will be a thing of the past and we’ll all be running headlong into the Holidays, with a capital “H.”

My family is small– just the 3 of us– my mom, my brother and myself. Since we’re all adults (notice I didn’t say grown-ups!), and don’t really need any more stuff, we keep the gifts to a minimum. For the first time since I can remember, the dogs won’t out number the humans as we gather around the tree. The dog’s gifts are always wrapped loosely in white tissue paper so they can open them easily, and you can be sure that they know exactly which ones are theirs.
My little old man Beagle probably never had any dog toys.He certainly wasn’t raised learning how to open gifts like our other dogs were, so he doesn’t get too excited, well…that is until we open the special dog treats. He still has a nose even if he can’t see much of what he’s eating.

Eating. It’s a tradition. We’ll all do plenty of that before it’s all over I’m sure. The Holiday Angel Bar recipeyou’ll find in this issue looks divine.Maybe I’ll make them at the cookie exchange with the girls down on the river this year. But hold on, if I make the martini’s to go with them, we’ll never get any cookies made!

Another lovely tradition is the Holiday engagement. Many couples get engaged during this festive time of year, and once the proposal is accepted, let the wedding planning begin. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for that special day. In this issue our local wedding experts share their wonderful ideas– everything from the latest trends in catering and creative floral arrangements– to selecting the perfect venue.

The Holidays and the winter season are also one of the best times for vacationing here in north Georgia. Without the crowds of summer, the area becomes a tranquil and peaceful place to get away from it all. While you’ll want to spend time in front of a cozy fire, you’ll also want to experience the many activities in the area. Take advantage of everything from winter hiking and camping, to opera, theater and jazz concerts. And don’t forget the local music scene. Wineries, bistros, bars and restaurants all feature a wide variety local talent in intimate settings.

alice1Coming up in our next issue will be everything you need to know about building your dream cabin right here in the mountains. Find out just how easy it is to become a full or part-time “local.”Wishing you all a joyful and peaceful holiday!


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