Letter from the Publisher – Dec 2012

By on December 16, 2012

Can any of us believe it’s December already? Seems to me that my June landing in Georgia was only yesterday. The days turn into weeks, the weeks into months and, months into years faster than a blink of the eye. I certainly hope that everyone got out and enjoyed the fall festivals. It seems impossible to attend them all.

Completing these three– brand new to me– issues of Appalachian Country magazine has been… well it’s been lots of things. At times it’s been daunting, confusing and hectic. Cajoling some of you to get your ads and articles in on time, and then giving everyone up to the last minute has kept me burning the midnight oil and maybe making a few oops-ees. Deadlines are always challenging. Trying to come up with new ideas that Jodi hasn’t already done is nearly impossible, yes as you all know, she’s that good. However putting all of those hiccups aside, there are two rewarding pieces of this process that I didn’t expect. I’m genuinely pleased to be meeting so many new friends of all stripes who are never too busy to help me when I have a question or need a favor. The other piece, and I think most rewarding, is being able to lend a hand in our community’s growth through AC magazine’s advertising and articles. We all know it’s tough out there and it makes me feel needed to have a part in driving even the smallest amount of traffic to our local businesses. So thank you all for hanging in there with me.

We have lots going for the holiday season, great restaurants, community service and family tradition articles as always. Terrific shopping features including a Holiday Gift Guide, a behind the scenes look at north Georgia’s most popular Santa, things to do in Ellijay and the opening of Blue Ice ice skating rink in Blue Ridge. Better sharpen those skate blades!

Ring in the New Year at Cartecay Vineyards– our cover story– and Ellijay’s own winery. During the photo shoot I had the pleasure of tasting a few of their wines so I can say with certainty that a visit to the winery won’t disappoint.

Let us help you keep those New Year’s resolutions with our annual Health & Wellness feature; New Beginnings. As usual there’s something for everyone. Don’t let 2013 pass you by without taking advantage of the information included here.

Our upcoming February issue will focus on the area’s best venues and resources for planning a spring or summer wedding. We plan to feature everything from catering and florists to photographers, wedding planners and of course that perfect venue. We’ll be expanding our circulation for this issue to cover bridal shops and wedding planners in the greater Atlanta metro area. I sincerely hope that this wider circulation brings more business to our advertisers.

xena and theboyLastly, on a personal note, Xena and I recently added a new member to the family. We adopted a little old man Beagle from the animal shelter who was in sad shape. After 2 months, he’s fat and happy, livin’ the life that all dogs should!

PS: Thanks to Morgan BaumGartner, dog photogrpaher extraordinaire for the pics of my geriatric posse.

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