Letter from the Publisher – Apr-May 2013

By on April 16, 2013

Spring is Finally Here and I’ve Been Busy Making New Friends!

“Just drive your car across the field, the fishing cabin is right over there,” Ann said. I should have known better, another boondoggle. Five minutes later we were stuck with no hope of driving out. This was my second go-round with the mud– mud 2, Alice 0. Two weeks ago I slid off my steep (now mud, was dirt) driveway during one of the many drenching downpours and had to get a wrecker to pull me out. An amazing feat handled expertly by Bear’s Garage & Towing in Ellijay. Whew.

alice lexusBeing stuck out in the middle of nowhere, with three goats and two dogs staring at us was a little different though. A short hike up the road to the nearest house brought us Mr. Johnny and his giant 4×4 truck. Mr. Johnny promptly got stuck trying to pull us out and that surely didn’t make him happy. Along comes Mr. Ken, still no luck getting unstuck, although he was handy with his cell phone. Another neighbor and his son stop by to watch the mayhem. Mr. Payne arrives next with his tow truck, so now we have a full on, mud-flinging party! Luckily Mr. Payne is able to get Mr. Johnny’s truck free, with Ann and I cheering him on. Mr. Johnny finally saves the day and pulls me out of the bog with a big tractor, more hootin’ & hollerin’ from the two of us. It took over two hours, seven people, three trucks, one tow truck and one tractor– what a great way to make new friends! I think I’ll be busy baking cakes this week.

There’s lots of cool stuff in this issue. The Cowboy Lodge is just amazing, get your creative juices jumpin’ with our gardening ideas, check out the haps with Ande’s chickens, 61 Main in Jasper dishes up the recipes– and get your tickets early for Taste of Blue Ridge. There’s 4 pages of Festivals and Events– and you can find the entire magazine on our web site:

alice1Our next issue– June, July & August– will be jam-packed with Summer Fun, so don’t miss it.
Catch ya’ later, and try to stay out
of the mud!


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