Letter from the Publisher – Apr 2011

By on April 15, 2011

I don’t trust Curious George. We have the books on the bookshelf, but I always hesitate to read them to my boys. It seems like a bad influence. The man with the yellow hat should not be responsible for a monkey. Every time the story begins, he’ll always leave Curious George and say “Don’t be too curious.” My gosh. He. Is. A. Monkey. And his first
name is Curious. What is he thinking? It always turns out well, of course, which is also misleading. If my child climbed in a dump truck and dumped dirt in the city pond, I’m thinking jail time is in the immediate future.

The man with the yellow hat doesn’t even bother to have a name. Since Curious George seems to have a penchant for getting lost, wouldn’t a name be a good thing to have? I started programming my sons early on our names and phone numbers.

My oldest son, Cooper, can recite my phone number anytime. My husband found out how well I taught Cooper when he took the boys out to eat one night. Apparently Cooper took a shine to the waitress. When they were leaving, she said, “Bye, boys! See you later.”

Cooper’s eyes lit up. “That’s great!” he said. “My phone number’s is…” and then proceeded to give her his mother’s cell number. She was a little surprised, but he wasn’t done. Giving her his best grin, he winked and pointed a little chubby finger at her. “Call me!” He’s four. FOUR. He’s also never getting his own number until he’s thirty so I can screen all the
girls that call me/him.

I don’t know whether I’m cautious or I just like being around them, but my children usually travel with me everywhere. As you can see in the photo below, our days are sometimes long. Our photographer, Stacey Lanning, took this photo while we were waiting on her to photograph some businesses. It was a rare moment that both my son, Cash, and I were taking a nap. Usually, he’s holding my hand while I talk to customers. I’m lucky that he’s not wearing his Iron Man costume here. It’s been two weeks and he still won’t let me wash it yet.

Most people don’t mind that I bring a child in their store. Why would they? It could be a monkey.