Letter from the Editor – February/March 2016

By on February 1, 2016

Letter from the Editor Feb/Mar 2016

Maxine and I sure hope everyone survived the holidays as well as we did. My Mom came up from Texas with her dog Natalie (picture a 70’s something lady and large Chesapeake Bay Retriever in a Miata), and then I drove the four of us to my brother’s house in York, PA. It was my brother’s turn to do Xmas and I was thankful not to have to cook dinner and host everyone at the cabin for a change. We visited cousins from my mother’s Pennsylvania Dutch side of the family that we hadn’t seen in over 10 years and then shared Xmas dinner with cousins from my father’s side of the family. Maxine and I visited our old family home, my father’s and my grandmother’s gravesites and even took a drive down to my grandfather’s restaurant on Bush River- now an Elk’s Club Lodge.

As with anything, time changes everything. My horse barn has been replaced with a swimming pool, the woods we used to play in is now a housing development, dirt roads have been paved and old haunts are gone forever. A few things remain the same– kids continue to drink beer down by the public boat launch and the Winter’s Run Inn still serves a pretty good crab cake. One thing I know for sure is that I’m glad I was able to leave that small town and go to college, for that I thank my parents.

Back on our little mountain here in north Georgia we’re finally seeing a bit of winter weather. Freezing temps and dustings of snow make firing up the woodstove a welcome chore. Most of the tourists have left town and we happily have the pubs to ourselves, although not for long. Before we know it spring will be here and we’ll all be back in the swing of it.

This year brings an exciting new venue to our community. Old Toccoa Farm- featured in this issue- is Blue Ridge’s first golf & resort community. The grounds are spectacular and with plans to complete the 18-hole course underway, plus other amenities to come, Old Toccoa Farm is well on it’s way to becoming a first-class venue.

For Valentine’s Day the folks at North Georgia Diamond are standing ready to help you select the perfect diamond, or any other special gift you may fancy. Take a look at some of their original designs in this issue and you’ll know why Bill and Allison Craig are the top jewelers in the area.

Just in time to get ready for spring, Outdoor Adventure editor Greg Dunn has listed some of the top mountain bike events of the season. Surrounded by several mountain ranges, north Georgia is quickly becoming one of the best areas for mountain biking in the country. So be sure to check out some of these events.

And with spring right around the corner, our April/ May issue is, of course, Everything Spring. We look forward to helping everyone get ready for the spring and summer with great tips and event listings to make the upcoming season even that much more awesome!