Letter from the Editor – October-November 2016

By on September 30, 2016

August and September flew by with Maxine and I taking only one short trip up to Washington DC for my longest time, best friend’s big 60th birthday. Being we-don’t-want-to-grow-up punk rockers, I got us tickets to see L-7 at the 9:30 Club, one of my nightly hangouts when I lived in DC in the ‘80s. Driving into the city I made a wrong turn (maybekindasortaonpurpose) and ended up in my old neighborhood where the row house I bought in 1987 for $80K is now worth 10 times that much. Wow! If I’d kept that house I’d be a near millionaire by now! Oh well. The show was great and I know we weren’t the oldest folks there either. But you know you’re getting up there when the doorman searches your knapsack and all he finds is a stash of doggy poop bags! Anyway- the grungy neighborhood I loved has become super-gentrified with fancy places to eat and high-dollar condos, so I’m happy to be living in the mountains for now.

On this exact day last year- September 19th- I broke my gosh-darn #@*%!! ankle. Hard to believe a year has gone by since then- and even more unbelievable that I still got the magazine off to the printer! Sure makes getting this issue done seem easy as pie- apple pie! Yes it’s apple time again here in our little corner of the mountains. Fall is upon us and the festival season is in full swing. I can’t wait to get up from this computer and get out and enjoy the festivities.

In this Apple Festival issue we have a little behind the scenes look at Mercier Orchards where U-Pick Apples is going strong, apple pies are abundant and the cider is free flowing. Fall is surely not complete without at stop at Mercier’s. This year the Gilmer Chamber- co-sponsors the Georgia Apple Festival with the Lions Club- submitted the fabulous apple recipes, thanks guys! And when you want to rent a cabin- Mountain Top Cabin Rentals has FALL the Views (get it? All = Fall, ha ha!). They really do have lovely rental cabins for couples, families or even large groups.

Our next issue will highlight all of the wonderful things to do here over the Holidays. What better time to spend in the mountains than when the leaves have fallen and the Blue Ridge mountain vistas seem to go on forever. The serene, quiet solitude is a wonder to behold.

Right now though, there are plenty of festivals, fairs and events going on– you’ll find them all listed in the calendar section- so get on out there and have some fun, Maxine says, “That’s an order- woof!”

See y’all at Paws in the Park!