Letter from the Editor – April and May 2017

By on March 31, 2017

Well shoot- just where did the winter go? Mind you I’m not complaining, but I believe we’ve had the shortest and warmest winter I can remember. And here we are on to spring already with things starting to bloom everywhere. We’ve had a couple of big storms- one of which landed a giant pine on the roof of my little cabin. Yikes! Thanks to Garcia’s Tree Service in Ellijay for coming out right quick to take care of that. Luckily no real damage to the roof.

We did have some poachers on the mountain this season, bow hunting deer at night just for fun and leaving the carcasses. Not cool. Maxine and Billy Zoom got fat as ticks eating off them and Maxine ended up with three cracked teeth that had to be removed. While under anesthesia she also had a small mass removed from her side. She was not pleased with the surgery experience, as you can see from the photo. Good for all of us, deer hunting season is well over.

Yep. Spring is here and with it comes all the good stuff we’ve been waiting for. The Georgia Mountains are known for some of the best mountain biking around, so you’ll find plenty of events to keep you busy. Spring is also the time to launch into our Festival Season. Fannin County, known as the Trout Capitol of Georgia, holds it 2nd Annual Trout Fest at the end of April. And of course Spring Arts in the Park in Blue Ridge- this year unveiling a new “Trout Trail”- you’ll have to come see what’s that’s all about ‘cuz I’m not telling. Then there’s the Seafood Festival in Young Harris in June. You’ll also find a big list in this issue of the many Spring and Summer Festivals you won’t want to miss. Oh- and our whitewater and rafting companies gear up again for summer starting May 1st.

Also in this issue we feature fabulous Lake Arrowhead, a private mountain, lake and golfing community just outside of Canton, GA. It truly is a beautiful lake; you have to see it to believe it. If you’re looking to spruce up your mountain property and expand your outdoor living space, Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort has added aluminum pergolas and cable railings to their product offerings. Good sturdy stuff for your outdoor lifestyle. Just to safe- you might also want to check out Power Solutions Unlimited, they have everything you need to keep you up and running through any storm.

Summer is right around the corner and the big news this year is the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017! People will travel from all over the world to see the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental United States in nearly four decades. One of the best places to view the “totality” will be right here in Murphy, Franklin and Andrews, NC. There’ll be lots of events and happenings so be sure to check out our next issue for the latest info. That pretty much wraps it up for me this issue.

So see y’all down the road a piece!