How to Select the Perfect Diamond

By on February 1, 2016

North Georgia Diamond

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A diamond engagement ring is part of a much larger decision that goes far beyond jewelry, tradition, or money. The very fact that you’re even considering such a commitment indicates that you’ve already made quite a journey. Therefore, it is safe to say that buying a diamond for someone special is a significant life purchase that it is emotionally charged and can be financially stressful because a diamond sparkles and makes people giddy with joy, but it is just a pretty polished rock, right?

You, as the general consumer may or may not have knowledge about purchasing a diamond. Where do you start? First, you must make sure that you have an idea of what you are looking for so that you’ll be able to get what you want at a price that you can afford. Identify the diamond shape that the recipient will want. Many people have secretly horded a collection of pictures on Pinterest or another social media web account that will lead you to making a purchase that will be stylish and in line with the personality of the wearer. If you are unable to find a preference for the shape of the diamond, a round or princess cut diamond is more traditional.

Next, spend some time exploring your diamond ring options. This is the time for looking around, seeing what’s out there, learning about diamonds, and exploring the cost. Once familiar with the options, establish a budget based on your income, what you feel comfortable spending, and the shape and size of diamond you wish to purchase.

Now, it is time to find a local jeweler, such as North Georgia Diamond, that you can trust and have a rapport with, who will guide you through the process. A knowledgeable jewelry professional will clearly explain the “4 Cs” of diamonds, encourage your exploration, and help you competently compare diamonds in your price range.

North Georgia DiamondWith every diamond, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and bigger is not necessarily better. Diamonds are like people, each stone has its own unique qualities and characteristics. The characteristics (4 “Cs”) that determine a diamond’s value are Carat Weight, Clarity, Color, and Cut. Diamonds are graded by these 4 factors and assigned a value. The diamond grading system developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) many years ago is recognized worldwide as the standard system for diamond grading.

Carat Weight: Diamonds are weighed in carats. Two diamonds of equal weight can have very different pricing depending upon their clarity, color and cut.

Clarity: Diamonds have internal and external features that determine how clear the diamond looks. Clarity is graded under 10x magnification. We look for characteristics called “inclusions” (internal) and “blemishes” (external). The diamond is assigned a grade from Flawless to Included. Diamonds with fewer visible clarity characteristics at 10x magnification are more valuable.

Color: Colorless diamonds are the most popular. The color grading scale begins with “D” (colorless/white) and ends at “Z” (light yellow or brown).

Cut: While diamonds are available in many different shapes, cut actually refers to the proportions of the diamond. The well-cut diamond is a prism. It divides light into spectral colors and reflects the light as colorful flashes referred to as “Fire”. Diamonds with the wrong proportions will have less sparkle or fire.

Many times a diamond will have a grading report or certificate. The grading report outlines the 4 Cs for that particular diamond. There are many diamond labs that issue certificates, but the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) are the two most widely regarded and recognized diamond-grading labs in the world. And while there are many other diamond grading labs in operation (many of which produce their own grading reports), different labs have different grading standards, and some labs will be more lenient with their standards than others.

North Georgia DiamondTrust yourself to really look at the diamonds, put aside the grading reports and explore each stone’s unique beauty. You don’t need a piece of paper to tell you what you can see, and often a grading report from an online retailer doesn’t tell the whole story. This is why it’s important to carefully select a local jeweler to help you make a decision.

Brick and mortar jewelry stores will be more than happy to let you see the diamond up close and under magnification. Two diamonds with 
very similar lab reports may look very different when you actually hold them in your hand.

Remember, this is an important purchase and just like a car or a house, your new diamond jewelry requires a maintenance plan. The jeweler you select to work with should also explain the care required to keep your jewelry looking its best. Plus, you’ll be more likely to return to your local jeweler when you need maintenance work on your jewelry. North Georgia Diamond gives you the advantage of local repair and service. Their service department utilizes the only laser welder in the area ensuring that any remount or repair is done right the first time. ACLM

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