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By on August 9, 2013

Outdoor Living Porch & Patio

Outdoor Living Porch & Patio and Lakota Cove Bring you the best of Year-Round Casual Living

In the south, outdoor entertaining and living spaces have always been the place for enjoying time with family and friends. Whether it’s the porch, patio or balcony, no other room in the house is more important, except perhaps the kitchen. There’s nothing better than hours spent sipping iced tea or lemonade in the heat of the afternoon on the porch, or casual evening suppers with friends sharing fresh summer fare and fine wine while listening to a symphony of nighttime creatures, set against a moonlit sky. Even the most simple porch or patio can be transformed into a year-round oasis with the right choice of enclosure materials and timeless, durable furnishings. Enclosing and decorating your outdoor space will undoubtedly add value to your home, but more importantly it will give you more time to spend with loved ones and enjoy your favorite space where the inside meets the outdoor world.

There is an art to casual living that we Southerners have certainly perfected. Owners Julie Heinsman of Outdoor Living Porch and Patio and Linda Magness from Lakota Cove have teamed together to offer you the best of the best. Experts in their field, they know that real living in north Georgia takes place on the porch!

Outdoor Living Porch & Patio

lakota cove porch 2Cherished by homeowners throughout the South, the screened porch is one of those home features everyone wants but few actually enjoy year-round. While the mild winters may have found many people using their porches, patios and balconies in January, chances are few folks will enjoy those spaces when March and April dust this region in thick layers of yellow pollen. By June, the heat and mosquitoes return, sometimes plaguing residents right through early October. You love your outdoor spaces so why not get more of what you crave?

Your porch, patio, deck, gazebo or pool is there for a reason. You love that touch of outdoor living. If the cost of enclosing your outdoor space with custom fitted traditional insulated glass has been prohibitive, then perhaps you should consider another option. Eze-Breeze® vinyl sliding panels are a fraction of the cost of glass and will easily transform your porch into a beautiful, three-season living space reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning your porch and maximizing the amount of time you spend enjoying it. Many people don’t use their porches in the spring because of the blankets of pollen that have to be cleaned off each time they go on their porch. Eze-Breeze® panels can be kept closed to keep that pollen outside where it belongs and opened when you want to enjoy time on your porch, no need to clean the furniture first. Too windy, cool or rainy to enjoy your porch– just slide the panels closed and gain more personal space or create a great overflow area for entertaining.

outdoor living 3Of course, some of you are wondering what the heck is Eze-Breeze®? It’s not glass. It’s a 10-mil thick vinyl glazing that is permanently attached to an aluminum frame and custom made to fit the existing openings on your screened porch or patio. A variety of styles offer the option of opening the panels to achieve as little or as much ventilation as you want and there are four frame color options to chose from to compliment your home. These unique flexible vinyl panels– that have the appearance of glass without the weight or cost– are durable, lightweight and rugged. The vinyl has “memory” and is incredibly resilient – the panel resists tearing on impact – you can kick or punch the panel and it will return to its original form, which is a great safety consideration if you have kids or dogs and especially if you live on a golf course. Plus the vinyl glazing, which won’t ever get cloudy or discolored, provides UV protection from summer sun and changeable weather therefore protecting your furnishings.

Panels are constructed using quality materials and exacting standards and boast a lifetime warranty on the aluminum frames. For easy cleaning, the Eze-Breeze® panels tilt in, and if needed, the vinyl can be easily and inexpensively replaced if cut or damaged. Panels can be raised or lowered effortlessly to open up three quarters of the window area, or they can be easily removed and stored for the season, leaving screens in place. The clean lines and the classic style of Eze-Breeze® sliding panels result in an attractive, valuable compliment to your home.

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Lakota Cove Designs & Furnishes Outdoor Living Spaces

poch patio openerWhen moving to the mountains, the most important living space must be the family porch. As you enjoy your open or screened porch, you begin to discover the elements of the mountains! Rain, sleet, or snow can take away valuable time with your family. Enclosing your porch can add months of added enjoyment and protection for your furnishings! The porches decorated by Lakota Cove showcase wonderful fireplaces, sofas, chairs, rockers, outdoor furniture, lighting and rugs. With an enclosed porch, we can now add furniture that allows you to entertain all year long. Your family can relax, sit back enjoy the fire, drink hot chocolate and talk about old times forever.

How your home looks on the outside reflects on how it looks on the inside, and the perfect way to spruce up your porch is with outdoor lighting. Lakota Cove is here to help! Using an outdoor wall sconce, ceiling fixture, post lighting, landscape lighting and even an outdoor ceiling fan can really do wonders for the overall look and feel of your porch decor. Look for lighting that is coded for outdoor use with features such as fish, bear, deer, leaves, or pine cones to add to the feeling of nature. There also are fabulous lamps in slate and copper for that more elegant appearance or how about a twig chandelier or a willow lamp?

When choosing outdoor furniture it is always best in the mountains to choose durable, high quality furniture. Your porch becomes your morning coffee space, conversation area, entertaining center, dining room, and cocktail room. Outdoor spaces that are enclosed, allow you to protect your furniture for years to come. A Lakota Cove favorite is to showcase a great coffee table! We carry wonderful slabs of wood with great twigged bases that will make your porch spectacular.

Outdoor art is a favorite here at Lakota Cove. Our newest artist actually paints on old barn wood and tin so that her art can be displayed on porches and outdoor settings. There is also an artist who does outdoor safe photography that captures your favorite scenes in the area.

As you decorate your porch, don’t forget planters with beautiful flowers. Old wheels, pots, chairs, tools, logs, or canoes are just some ideas. Fix a cart with some of your favorite items such as books, an ice bucket, an appetizer dish and coffee cups. Place your favorite bear carving in the corner! If this collection honors you, it will fascinate your guests as well.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside
Most importantly your porch should be an extension of your home. When you walk into your home, your porch setting should have the colors, stains, and fabrics that make your actual living space look larger. Trying to make it look too “porchy” is no longer in style but creating a new living space is! Your eye should be able to blend both living room and porch in one vision. For instance, a living room with leathers in browns, and accented in reds could be designed with rustic barn wood end tables and coffee tables. The porch would have a slight plaid with the same colors and accented with browns and reds to pick up the living room tones. A great idea would be to pick up the barn wood tones on the porch in the coffee table or cart.

lakota sleeping porchWe also love the idea of an Outdoor Mountain Sleeping porch! The vision of an old barn wood bed with a comfortable mattress and bright colored bedding makes your porch a haven. Add a favorite rocking chair, your favorite book, and light candles everywhere! An outdoor rug can add rich color that blends with nature. Outdoor rugs these days come in sleek and durable designs in a wide variety of styles, all crafted to last come rain or shine!

One of the main reasons to move to the mountains is to enjoy your porch year round and create a lifestyle that is yours and yours alone. Lakota Cove offers many choices of unique porch furniture, porch art, dinnerware, lighting, rugs and pottery. We guarantee a porch that will be one that you will enjoy for years to come! AC

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