Chester’s Provisions

By on December 1, 2017

Bringing Time-Honored Family Business Goodness to Blue Ridge.

When John and Lena Brunnenmeyer opened their small town saloon in Washington, IL in 1896, they had no way of knowing the impact they would have on their descendants. Their saloon operated until the town went “dry” in 1906, after which the sale of alcohol was banned. The enterprising couple then converted the saloon into a grocery store and their son, Chester, delivered groceries for them. Chester eventually inherited the building in 1944. He turned it back into a saloon, called The Spot, which he ran for nearly a decade.

Many years later, Chester’s grandson and his wife decided to revive a piece of family history and open Chester Brunnenemeyer’s Bar and Grill, in Blue Ridge, GA.

Stuart Arp, whose grandfather is the namesake at Chester’s, and his wife, Stacy Heath, opened Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Bar and Grill in 2015. Just a year earlier, Mike and Sherry Triebert bought and restored the Gartrell Building, the brick structure on East Main Street in Downtown Blue Ridge that was once a bustling hotel. Like so many properties in Blue Ridge, the Gartrell Building has been lovingly restored to its former glory, with many original details carefully preserved even as the overall appearance and functionality were given a chic, modern flair. The Gartrell Building’s modernity is apparent in its other tenant, Gartrell Gallery, a fine art gallery that offers workshops and classes as well as art for sale. New to the Gartrell Building is Stuart Arp’s latest endeavor, Chester’s Provisions.

The Blue Ridge area is known for its natural beauty, charming streets and architecture, scenic railway, art festivals, live entertainment, historic significance, and sophisticated food scene. While Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Bar and Grill– a restaurant that offers such traditional fare as Southern pecan pie, shrimp and grits, fire roasted pimento cheese (widely considered to be “the caviar of the South”), and North Georgia trout, is a great addition to the area– Chester’s Provisions, right next door to the Bar and Grill, fills another much needed purpose.

Chester’s Provisions opened this past summer bringing new and exciting food and beverage delicacies to Historic Downtown Blue Ridge. Featuring unique and hard to find specialty products and gifts, Chester’s Provisions focuses on mountain home entertaining. You’ll find everything you need to host a party that will offer your guests items not found at other local grocery stores. Chester’s Provisions has a wide range of wines and offers an extensive Craft Beer selection. In addition you’ll find craft cocktail ingredients and everything else you would need to stock your mountain home bar.

Offering regionally made products from gourmet cheeses and barbecue sauces to snack items– and all the necessities to entertain– there’s always something here you didn’t know you needed. Chester’s Provisions is also one of the best places for interesting gifts, can’t decide on one item? They also offer custom-made gift baskets!

From their original family business, The Spot, then a grocery store, last year to Chester Brunnemeyer’s Bar and Grill, and now coming full circle to Chester’s Provisions: bringing time-honored family business goodness to Blue Ridge.

Chester’s Provisions
Corner of East Main and Depot Streets
733 E Main
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
706. 258. 4907

Monday- Saturday open at 11am
Sunday open at 11:30