Blue Ridge Brewery

By on October 15, 2012

Blue Ridge Brewery - Saffron Soup

When you find yourself strolling through downtown Blue Ridge, GA you’ll notice something different here. Yes, this small town caters to the tourist industry as many others do, but as you strike up conversations with any of the shop owners you’ll find a friendly, open atmosphere. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t be surprised if one shop owner directs you to another business down the way. Not seeing what you were hoping for on the menu? Just ask and they’ll recommend another establishment that might be more to your liking. You’ll hear residents speak often of camaraderie and family, a true sense of community.

The Blue Ridge Brewery opened its doors three years ago in October 2009 and has been growing with the community ever since. Owners Pat and Polina Walker met 11 years ago while living in Austria. As a native Floridian, Pat often came to Blue Ridge for vacations, so when he and Polina moved stateside they found themselves drawn to the area. “The more we visited Blue Ridge, the more we realized there were very few choices for casual yet eclectic dining,” said the Walkers. With Polina’s skill in the kitchen and Pat’s love of brewing small batch craft beers, a new member of the community was born.

Blue Ridge Brewery DuckThe Brewery started out as two rooms and, as a testament to its success, is now expanding into the space next door adding another 1400 square feet that will feature a full-size brew room and a live music stage.

The Brew Crew, as they like to be called is a congenial, hardworking, knowledgeable team. “We involve all of our employees, from dishwasher to head chef in the menu choices”, say the Walkers. “Everyone is encouraged to bring recipe ideas, we make them, taste them and decide as a group what to present.” Additionally, all staff is cross-trained to be able to step in and do any job as needed. We truly believe that operating as a family has been key to our success.”

The Blue Ridge Brewery, known for its fine dining, great beer and excellent company serves a rotating seasonal lunch, dinner and bar menu including many local ingredients. Head chef Mike Hurn keeps an experienced and watchful eye on each dish that leaves the kitchen and is instrumental in making everyone’s visit to the Brewery memorable.

There are 8 craft-brewed beers on tap that rotate weekly and sometimes daily, as well as 18 unique bottled brews. Their wine selection features an eclectic mix covering most varieties from around the world. And newly added to the bar menu is a hand-picked selection of high-end, small batch liquors.

We hope you enjoy these recipes and pairings chosen with care from The Brew Crew!