Blue Ridge Coin Shop and Collectibles

By on November 30, 2016

Blue Ridge Coin Shop and Collectibles

Find a Penny, Pick it Up, All Day Long, Have Good Luck!

The next time you’re walking down the street, and notice a shiny coin on the ground but don’t have the time or desire to pick it up, think twice about your decision. 

Why, you may ask? You probably guessed it – that nickel, dime or quarter that’s been discarded might be worth more than a few cents.

Even if it doesn’t have any significant value over the monetary worth that it has been designated, it does have a story, and that in and of itself is valuable. But how would you know if a coin falls into the category of “rare,” and where in North Georgia would you begin to look for such a place that could tell you? Enter Blue Ridge Coins and Collectables: Blue Ridge, Georgia’s most trusted shop for all of your coin and bullion needs.

Opened in 2014, Blue Ridge Coins and Collectables is owned by Maggie and Cory Peterson, whose shared love of coins began at an early age. For Maggie, who was born in Texas and raised in Georgia, it was a hobby that she grew to love through her parents, particularly her father, who owns a coin shop as well. For Cory, who was born in Colorado and raised in Georgia as well, it began while spending summers with his grandmother in Florida. The idea of working together in the coin world was ideal, and after some training and research, the two opened the Blue Ridge Coin Shop in Blue Ridge. The decision was made out of their passion for the industry but also to help others along their journey into the world of collectible coins. If they stumble upon a coin that they’ve never seen before, it’s icing on the cake.

“What we like most about the coin shop, apart from being able to work together, is meeting new people every day and seeing rare coins that we, ourselves, would never be able to have in a personal collection. The feeling of holding something that is two hundred years old, or that went through World War II, is astonishing. I can’t help but wonder who else has held that coin,” said Maggie.

But how, you may be asking, would one start to learn more about coin collecting? According to Maggie, it’s best to start by learning about the markets associated with the hobby.

“There are two markets when dealing with coins. The metal market changes every moment of every day, just like the stock market. It is an international market that decides the price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The collectible market is a slower moving market. Over time, coins become more and more rare as the ones that were originally minted get lost, damaged, or even melted down.”

Once you know a little something about the markets, keep an eye on out for rare coins, particularly those containing silver. “People ask us all the time what to look for in their piggy banks or change. The United States stopped putting silver in quarters and dimes in 1964. The Kennedy half-dollar contained silver until 1970, and the wheat one cent coins ended in 1958. I normally tell people to look for United States coins 1964 and older. If you ever have any questions or need help looking through your change, just bring it on in! We’re here to guide you and to share our knowledge, and there is never any pressure to sell your coins or currency,” said Maggie when asked more about coin collecting.

With the Holiday Season right around the corner, what better time to start a new hobby for yourself or for a loved one? Blue Ridge Coins and Collectibles is preparing for Christmas by stocking up on their bullion inventory, which includes silver bullets, creative silver 

art rounds (including a zombie series), and various silver bars. They also have an incredible collection of coins in stock – everything from Indian Head one cents to Morgan silver dollars.
If you notice that a younger member of your family has an interest in coins, swing by Blue Ridge Coins and Collectibles and pick up a coin book to get them started, free of charge!