Above the Rest Luxury Cabin Get-a-Ways

By on August 1, 2016

Above the Rest Luxury Cabins

Draw in your breath and sigh as you discover a Georgia mountain paradise, just 10 miles from North Carolina and Tennessee: Above the Rest Luxury Cabins.
The owners of this magnificent enterprise, a place for those who seek quietude and relaxation or who look forward taking in the recreational experiences offered by the area, are Jeanette and David Jenkins. They aim to please the most finicky of us with the amenities of personal indulgence.

Choose from 28 luxury rental mountain homes for an unparalleled encounter in vacationing. Experience luxury mountain log cabin living, located just ten miles from the historic town of Blue Ridge on My Mountain, a private, 1,500 acre preserve in Fannin County encircled by breath-taking views.

To understand the captivation of this mountain paradise is to know that the Jenkins duo vacationed here for many years, then left their professions as chemistry professors at Georgia Southern University to purchase the company founded in 1993 for themselves. Talk about being completely charmed. They now live and breathe their very own mountain retreat 24/7, and it is one they desire to share with you.

So exactly what does set this exceptional get-a-way to the mountains above the rest? First of all the Jenkins’ pamper their guests with the luxury touch. Jeanette is quick to reply, “Absolutely!” to the pampering definition, “From the moment guests walk into one of our cabins, they feel stress wash away. We work very hard to create that atmosphere: lights are appropriately adjusted, welcome gifts abound throughout the home, and luxury spa robes hang in the closets.

“Service, cleanliness and attention to detail are our hallmarks. As we have so many homes within easy reach of each other, we do get quite a few weddings/church retreats/corporate getaways/family reunions, but we also love catering to couples seeking a romantic getaway. We offer standard packages and will also cater a package to a guest’s needs. We do not charge for our concierge service; it’s part of being Above the Rest.”

Jeanette explains, “Since we live and work on the mountain where the majority of our homes are located, we are physically here to ensure your stay is as good as it can be. If an issue comes up, we will effectively deal with it, and it is the company owners who are dealing with it, without farming out to others.”
The Jenkins, with their Above the Rest Luxury Cabins, serve their welcome guests throughout every season of the year from springtime’s gorgeous display of dogwoods to winter snow and the cozy comfort of a fireside. They emphasize, “No matter the season, time spent in the mountains puts you intimately in touch with nature. There is no better salve for the stress of daily life.”

For more information or to make your cabin reservations contact

Above the Rest Luxury Cabins
1662 My Mountain Road, Morganton, GA
1-877-374-2057 toll free or 706-374-2057
Hours: 9 a.m. -7:30 p.m.

Website: www.abovetherestcabins.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AboveTheRestCabins/